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Dear Simon Amstell, please forgive us for our carnivorous sins

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It seems that veganism is the new black. I have considered becoming a vegan, and am making cute baby steps towards such an outcome. Enter Carnage: Simon Amstell’s new mockumentary featuring a future world where everyone is a vegan. Amstell has created pure brilliance, it is 2026 and our future … Read More

The Wonders of Ulster

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Malin-Head, Inishowen, Donegal: Malin-Head something of rare and rural beauty. You can climb Banba’s Crown and be standing at the most Northern point in Ireland and guess what? It’s not even in Northern Ireland, logic. On a windy day you’ll be graced with the Atlantic slamming against the cliffs, on … Read More

Gang Signs & Prayer by Stormzy

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This is the one album I have been baiting my breath for. With Stormzy vanishing without a trace from social media after being so interactive with his fans, I had no idea what to expect. Then out of the silence burst ominous billboards appearing around London, an advert during the … Read More

English Tapas by Sleaford Mods

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I owe a snug 2.1 to Sleaford Mods thanks to their lyrics being the basis of an essay last semester. Their lyrical content in that respect did not slack at all. This pairing of tinny lo-fi beats with Jason Williamson’s scathing spoken-word should not be marketable at all, but everything … Read More

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s gonna be ok, these films are here for you

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Valentine’s Day can be a minefield. Sure, a nice film night sounds like a good safe idea, but what vibe are you going for here? Are you three years into a nice comfortable relationship that’s only slightly boring like your old sweater, or are you currently living in the world … Read More

LUU Leadership Race: Societies just wanna have funds!

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Rianna Julian is running for Activities Officer, here are her views on LUU’s fundraising troubles. Money most certainly does not grow on trees, but it also shouldn’t turn in to a Whomping Willow of a task for smaller societies to be able to access funds for all of their needs. … Read More

Christmas is Coming! Don’t panic, we’re all penniless together.

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Here’s some handy tips for how to survive on our lowly bank balances. First of all, not all presents need to be bought – they can be made. We all love a present that touches the heart more than yet another Lynx Africa set, or a Bubble Bath kit that … Read More

Victoria Gate: The new Northern shopping Capital?

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In the unlikeliest of places in Leeds, amongst the markets and close to the coach station stands the city’s brand new gem: Victoria Gate. Having had its millionth shopper this week, we decided to pop in and see just what this new shopping centre is bringing to Leeds. Upon arrival, … Read More

Amanda Knox documentary – uncomfortable viewing

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I have always believed that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Rafaelle Sollecito, were the people at the hands of Meredith Kercher’s murder in 2007. However, after watching the documentary and seeing the physical embodiment of The Daily Mail within Nick Pisa, I felt as though my bias towards Amanda Knox … Read More

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

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With tickets for The Cursed Child sold out until December 2017, I had to get my hands on the script that could potentially change my life. By that I mean surely there’d be a Hogwarts acceptance letter sitting in the play for me, or perhaps I was just about to … Read More