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Northern Ireland: Abortion Is a Medical Issue, Not a Criminal One

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Police should have better things to do than raiding offices for abortion pills https://t.co/hLA9WXnWus— eimear ✨ (@eimearod) March 19, 2017 When you think of Northern Ireland, what comes to mind? Is it beautiful scenery, the Titanic, maybe Game of Thrones? Or do you think of archaic, out-dated abortion laws? For ... Read More

Leicester’s Cheap Labour

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(Photo from : Huffington Post) Channel 4’s Dispatches uncovered the truths behind Britain’s cheap clothing. Factories supplying your favourite clothes high street brands such as River Island, New Look and online retailers Boohoo and Missguided have been exposed to be paying workers under half the minimum National Living Wage! Despite … Read More

Is Love All We need?

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Jessie Jones looks at the current political climate, outlining ways in which we can remain hopeful in a time of uncertainty and upheaval.  In his recent Thump article about my friends’ night Brudenell Groove, Tom Glencross described it as ‘nakedly political’. These two words resonated with me more than any … Read More

Comment | Thoughts on Sochi

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Last Sunday, snowboarder Jenny Jones made history by winning the first British medal at a Winter Olympics. However, the Sochi games this winter haven’t only got people talking about sport, but the wider issue of gay rights in Russia, and rightfully so. Despite being de-criminalised in 1993, 2013 saw the … Read More

Comment | In defense of immigrants

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Earlier this week (w/c 4th November), UCL published a comprehensive study on the effects of the presence of immigrants from the eight countries which joined the EU in 2004.  It found that every year since their arrival, they had made a positive contribution to the state of public finance.  While … Read More

Comment | 'Sex X' – the third option

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Once more, progression and modernisation hit Europe for the better. This week Germany passed a law that allows babies with characteristics of both the male and female sex to be registered as neither on their birth certificate. This allows parents to make this important choice at a later date, reducing … Read More

Blogs | An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World…Respect Women?

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Friday the thirteenth of this month brought bad news to the four Indian men who were sentenced to death by hanging, following their decision to brutally gang-rape and murder a 23 year old woman on a bus in Delhi last December. Marking the end of an intense seven month trial … Read More