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Yorkshire and the Humber Ranked as 5th Most Generous Region in the UK

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Residents of Yorkshire and the Humber are some of the most generous communities in the UK, a study has revealed on World Kindness Day. The study, which was conducted by Vanquis Bank, investigated families from eleven different regions to see how the UK spends its cash after covering household bills, … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 5, – “At the Going Down of the Sun” and the Misappropriation of the Poppy

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Dear readers, It’s that time of the year again: the darkened autumn sky has been set alight by bonfires, kids are throwing live fireworks at locals on the streets of Leeds, and James McClean has tweeted about the poppy. That’s right, Christmas is coming – breathe in and sniff that … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 4 – ‘£2,352,563 of Investments’ and Why That’s £2,352,563 Too Much

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Dear readers, This week, I’m going to divert from my usual tactic of chatting absolute nonsense to address a rather more serious issue. Apologies to any fans awaiting a sly dig at my predecessor, Reece Parker, but I feel like stooping to the level of hyperbolic name-calling would undermine the … Read More

University of Leeds Accused of Investing in Companies with Alleged Links to Human Rights Abuses

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The University reportedly invested over £2,000,000 in companies that are accused of being linked to the implementation of human rights abuses against Palestinians. An Open Letter from LUU Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG) to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds has criticised the University, accusing it of investing a … Read More

Leeds Opens Applications for its First University Challenge Team since 2011

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Leeds University Union are searching for the five brightest students at Leeds to send to University Challenge for the first time since 2011. If you consider yourself to be a serial quizzer or a genius just waiting to be discovered, then this is your chance to show your housemates that … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 3 – ‘Trick or Trick’ and why Halloween Sucks

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Dear readers, It’s been a slow news week. My predecessor, Reece Parker, was too busy congratulating himself on the size of his skinny, hairless thighs to prepare me for the inevitable writer’s block which accompanies the Editor’s Letter circa Issue 3. But if there’s one thing Reece prepared me for, … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 2 – ‘Your Dad Works for my Dad’ and the Classist Underbelly of Varsity

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Dear readers, Since the rapture of Freshers is now over and we’re into the second week of teaching, I’m going to start this letter with a little pop quiz. Raise your hand if you can tell me where in the world you would find these two sentences uttered mere seconds … Read More

“I’m Not Calling for Another Referendum”: Leeds Student Media Societies Interview Jeremy Corbyn

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LSR, LSTV and The Gryphon sat down with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss Brexit, anti-semitism and higher education ahead of his talk to politics students at the University of Leeds.   Jeremy Corbyn welcome to the University of Leeds, thank you for taking the time to speak to … Read More

Editor’s Letter, Issue 1 – “I’m Happy, but I Could be Happier” and Other Love Island Advice you Should Ignore

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Dear Readers, “Another year, another Varsity loss”. Those were the words with which I started my editor’s letter, which was originally written two days before the finale – such is my lack of faith in my own University. Therefore, a congratulations is in order for all the sports teams who … Read More

Leeds City Council Promises to Tackle Period Poverty Head On

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Leeds became the first city council in England to announce plans to investigate the costs of sanitary wear and combat period poverty in its schools yesterday. Speaking about the plans, Councillor Jonathan Pryor (executive member for learning, skills and employment) wanted to ensure that measures are in place so that no … Read More