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Is the Christmas Song Dead?

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With every Christmas the winter snow falls to let Mariah Carey know she’s suddenly relevant again. Every year without fail, those Christmas songs that we love, love to hate, and just genuinely hate with a passion (I’m looking at you ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’) provide the soundtrack to our … Read More

IntheMiddle with Nick Mulvey

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Gryphon Associate Editor, Robert Cairns, sits down with Mercury-nominated Nick Mulvey before his gig at Church to discuss his latest album, the impending doom of politics, and the importance of British rave culture.   Sitting in the dingy alcove of a backstage dressing room in Church, Nick Mulvey radiates amidst … Read More

‘The Saga Continues’ by Wu-Tang Clan

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There was once a time when Wu-Tang Clan ruled, hailed by many as one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. Now, 25 years after their debut, Enter The Wu-Tang, their legacy is still being crafted. However, you can’t help but feel that The Saga Continues is an … Read More

11 Songs That Show Us Exactly Why We Need Black History Month

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Black History Month is a contentious month on the calendar, with certain groups suggesting that black history should be studied all-year-round, and other, less-informed groups, suggesting that it shouldn’t be studied at all. But, one of the most colourful aspects of black history is the music that has underpinned it … Read More

Nick Mulvey @ Church

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When, halfway through his spellbinding set, Nick Mulvey crooned “Just when the evidence seems clearer than day / Could it be that Providence is leading us astray?”, there was a hint of irony to those conscientiously constructed words. The orgy of evidence visible to those witnesses gathered at the altar … Read More

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Dials the Action Up to 11

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The first film managed to pull-off a charming, self-aware tribute to the over-the-top spy films of old. Newspaper Associate, Robert Cairns, looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle to see if it’s managed to keep its charm despite being bigger and better than before. It’s fair to say that 2014’s Kingsman: … Read More

‘Wake Up Now’ by Nick Mulvey

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Perhaps the first hint as to the contents of Nick Mulvey’s latest album, Wake Up Now, is hidden amongst the layers of its striking artwork. Endless spiralling patterns colliding and overlapping within a kaleidoscope of colour, the markings that adorn Wake Up Now’s cover hint at infinite possibilities and variables, … Read More

Body Discovered in Hyde Park confirmed to be that of Leeds Beckett Student

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Police have confirmed that the body of a man discovered on Royal Park Avenue on Friday morning was that of a Leeds Beckett student. The student in question has been identified as Harry Loker, a 21-year-old student who studied Music Performance and Production at the metropolitan University. Officers remain at … Read More

Dead Body Found by Police in Hyde Park

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Police have confirmed that a dead body was found in Hyde Park earlier this morning. The body of a man was discovered at 17 minutes past 9 collapsed outside a house on Royal Park Avenue. Locals arose to find their street had been cordoned off by police tape and that … Read More

‘Freudian’ by Daniel Caesar

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The second hand on your clock ticks slowly, the setting sun lingers greedily on the horizon, the receding pools of daylight cling to existence; all the while Daniel Caesar’s Freudian spins, plays, reverberates in the background. An album that seems to extend effortlessly into eternity, Freudian barely ever exceeds walking … Read More