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Why You Should Go To The Polls Even If You Don’t Actually Vote

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While a lot of your peers will inundate you with who they are voting for and who you should vote for too, there are still many of us out there registered to vote but with no idea of who we will vote for, perhaps even if we will vote at … Read More

The Real Junk Food Project faces Prosecution over out of date food

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The founder of Leeds-based food charity The Real Junk Food Project is facing prosecution, after trading officials found the organisation to be selling food past it’s sell by date. On 11th April, officials found that 444 items which the charity had deemed fit for sale were a cumulative total of … Read More

Green Twins by Nick Hakim

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It has been a long and exciting wait for Nick Hakim’s debut album Green Twins to drop. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter last graced us with his EPs, Where Will We Go Pt.1 & Pt.2, back in 2014, and since then there has been little to whet the appetites of his fans. … Read More

When Musicians Get Board (And Also Need The Money From Royalties)

1 year ago / 27 comments

Board games are the backbone of civilization, testing the strength of human relationships year after year by making families and friends bitterly fight over fake money, inhabitable plastic houses, and the ultimate question of who gets to be the coolest token. Throw your favourite musicians into the fray then, and … Read More

Gryph Picks: The March Massive

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This month, Robbie admits his love for James Blunt and thus gets fired as Music Editor, Juliette dreams that she and Jemima get locked in a club with the Pied Piper listening to trip-hop jazz music, Sam writes us a poem/has a mental breakdown, and Jemima has an all round lovely … Read More

Gryph Picks: Top 10 Movie Soundtracks

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When watching a film, you’re engaged with the action on screen, but the music behind the scene can often slip by without you realising it. But well composed or selected soundtracks are key to making a good film a great film, and have you leaving the cinema not with the … Read More

Preview- Anteros @ Leeds O2 Academy, 30/01/17

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Gracing the O2 Academy on Monday night is London-based indie pop four piece Anteros. Having only formed less than a year ago, Laura, Jackson, Joshua and Harry have made short week of achieving big things in a very short space of time, being chosen as one of Annie Mac’s New … Read More

Trump’s Make America Great Again Welcome Ceremony @ The Lincoln Memorial, 19/01/17

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As a misty, damp gloom descended over Washington to mark the inauguration of Supreme Leader Trump, crowds gathered to witness an underwhelming concert of epic proportions. Taking place at the Lincoln Memorial (just in case audience members had forgotten that America was the greatest country in the world), it wasn’t … Read More

There’s Something About Hailing Mary – The Great Christmas Cock Up

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If the worst thing that happened to you this Christmas day was receiving the same Lynx Africa set from two different relatives, not winning a single prize in a cracker, or drinking too much mulled wine and setting your stocking on fire, then spare a thought for the organisers of … Read More

The State We’re In by Dog Is Dead

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Stop the press! The dog is well and truly alive again! After waiting patiently for four years, D. I. D have finally released a follow up to their debut album All Our Favourite Stories. But good things come to those who wait, and it’s safe to say that The State … Read More