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iii by Miike Snow

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Three is the magic number. With their third studio album iii, the holy trinity of Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt have returned to flood the world with their synth-infused electric pop. The end product doesn’t sound remarkably different from its predecessors, but Miike Snow have perfected the formula. … Read More

In The Middle introduces… TUSK

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Emerging as one of Leeds’ brightest new bands, TUSK received the audience they deserved at an overflowing 360 Club. A vibrant four-piece, TUSK infused vibes of psychedelic rock with gritty, hard-hitting overtones to deliver an upbeat and charismatic set. Despite forming only a year ago, their blatant cohesion on stage is … Read More

The Short Life of Pablo

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Is Kanye’s Latest Project Masterfully Elusive Or Dangerously Exclusive?   “My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal”. It seems Kanye West has got yet another bee in his bonnet, not just for Apple, but … Read More

Music and Image

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After the recent airing of the AMAs. Robert Cairns discusses the deification of image in music.   Coldplay baffled the audience by performing with a troop of dancing primates. Meghan Trainor devoured Charlie Puth’s face in an extremely awkward showcase of cannibalistic affection. Justin Bieber received a soaking baptism in … Read More

Preview: The Dark LP @ 360 Club

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The Dark LP will be the next musical outfit to grace 360 Club’s stage. A band born and bred in Leeds, the Dark LP embrace a variety of rock, blues and reggae to spin a unique twist on their hard hitting genre. 360 Club is no new setting for this … Read More

Preview: The Calls @ 360 Club

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After an emphatic single launch night at Bad Apples saw ripples spread across the Leeds indie music scene, The Calls will return to storm the stage at 360 Club on Saturday 21st November. A controlled but aggressive four-piece, The Calls are hotly tipped to be the latest success story of a growing musical … Read More

Retrospective: Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

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Released in 1959, Kind of Blue remains today as one of the freshest and most innovative compositions ever produced. Moving away from the hard bop style of jazz that Davis had grown tired of, Kind of Blue is based entirely on modality, giving it a freedom and fluidity unparalleled by … Read More

Blood by Lianne La Havas

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As the British summer descends into gentle murmurings of overcast clouds, Lianne La Havas invites us to the idyllic and energetic shores of her Greek/ Jamaican heritage, serenading us all the while with passionate songs about love, loss and life. Within the space of fifty minutes, we are immersed and … Read More


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With an intimate collection of home videos and interviews, Asif Kapadia’s biopic has reopened discussions of one of the most unique and misunderstood voices of our generation. But we don’t need a film to understand Amy Winehouse. Her cockney wordsmith wizardry and raw lyrical ability mean that her troubled life … Read More

Uptown Special by Mark Ronson

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It seems Mark Ronson has once again reinvented himself. With his fourth studio album, Uptown Special, Ronson turns away from the electro-pop sounds of Record Collection, cruising down the avenue of American blues, funk and soul. Capturing snapshots of an extraordinarily diverse culture, Ronson produces a fluid concoction of meandering … Read More