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Pressures of the Industry: Celebrities and the Relationship Between Fame and Mental Illness

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*TW: This article contains discussion of mental illness and suicide* The arts world has a large problem with mental illness; from superheroes to Disney princesses, singers and authors, many celebrities struggle with the trappings of fame. Trying to remain a good role model while pleasing masses and tending to your … Read More

Robin Williams: An Underappreciated Star

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Robin Williams holds a curious place in the cultural memory of the millennial generation. For an audience far too young to have any memory of the manic quick-fire impressions of his eighties stand-up heyday, he is instead remembered for his joyous, decidedly more family-friendly, 1990s performances in Aladdin, Jumanji and … Read More

Comment | Reflections on Robin Williams

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Reflections on Robin Williams’ recent death have been widely broadcast and varied in their sympathy. This is often the case for opinions on mental health in general.If one positive can even be suggested to come out of such a tragic event, it could be at least that the historically taboo … Read More

Features | The Golden Age of Cinema is Dead

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Nostalgia for the golden age of cinema is a terrible affliction and cannot be cured by the release of yet another Expendables film. At the start of the previous century, cinema was in its infancy and in that time technology and talent propelled its evolution. Recently, cinema is showing dangerous … Read More

Arts | Robin Williams: A Look Back

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American actor Robin Williams has died aged 63 at his home in California. His death is been treated by police as an apparent suicide.