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Some of the best love stories literature has to offer

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We all love a good love story. A good romance to keep us happy and hopeful. There have been some amazing love stories in literature over the past few decades, so here are a few to get yourself in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Me Before You (and After You) – … Read More

Agony aunt: break ups

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“I’m currently experiencing a break up whilst at university, and its hard being away from home. Do you have any advice for how to cope?” Break ups are extremely difficulty no matter the circumstance and admitting you’re having a hard time with it is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re … Read More

Twenty-First Century Romance

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Long gone are the days of flower bouquets and dinner dates; it seems dating in the 21st century is all about Pokédates and phone apps. Georgia Ryan explores romance in the modern age… Released in the summer of 2016, Pokémon GO was praised for encouraging gamer to stretch their legs … Read More

In defence of trashy romance novels

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Something incredible happened last week. I picked up the latest Shopaholic novel by Sophie Kinsella and yes, it was every bit as good as I had hoped. All week I have been jabbering to my friends about how “I love the book, even if it is girly”, until it occurred … Read More

Film | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Garfield and Stone's on-screen chemistry saves the day

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Video: Marvel Enterprises In the complicated world of comic book superheroes, Spider-Man, a Marvel creation, starts  his journey off in very much the same way we saw in the first film in this franchise, and in the 2002 adaptation. Later on, he joins the Avengers, but he didn’t appear in … Read More

Film | Endless Love – just your typical teenage love story

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Image: Universal Pictures Having previously watched Franco Zeffirelli’s 1981 film adaption of Scott Spencer’s romance novel ‘Endless Love’, I went to see the remake starring Gabriella Wilde and Alex Petyfer with an optimistic mindset. Remembering the 80’s adaption, starring a young Brooke Shields, as a fiery and somewhat over the … Read More

Film | Her – The Best Original Screenplay winner is a five star treat

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Video: Annapurna Pictures 5/5 Stars Who’s the first person you turn to in the morning? Your iPhone or someone with an actual pulse? Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a sensitive and impulsive writer. The opening shot shows us the face of a man with a broken heart; his marriage to Catherine … Read More

Film | The Invisible Woman – Dickens' secret love affair comes to light

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Image: BBC Films 4/5 Stars Adapted from Claire Tomalin’s book of the same name, The Invisible Woman is an engrossing depiction of the life of Nelly Ternan, a shadowy figure who was Dickens’ secret love and who became an integral part of his life, despite being kept a profound secret … Read More

Books | Charlotte Street

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“She closed the door, and I watched the cab move off, tail lights fading into the city, hope trailing and clattering on the ground behind it.” Danny Wallace is a writer, presenter and author of four Sunday Times bestselling non fiction books: Awkward situations for Men, Yes Man, Join Me … Read More