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Juliet and Romeo: Is Parting such Sweet Sorrow or an Inevitability?

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Ben Duke’s Juliet and Romeo is a contemporary, theatrical rewriting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Duke rewrites their history so that the ‘star-crossed lovers’ do not, in fact, die in a tragic misunderstanding. Instead, they survive and 20 years on sit in a therapist’s office, confessing their failing relationship which … Read More

“The Master-Mistress of my Passion: Shakespeare’s Work Through an LGBTQ+ Lens

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Anaya Sriram examines to what extent Shakespeare represents LGBTQ+ characters within his plays. If you ask anyone to name an iconic straight love story, the first one that springs to mind is usually Romeo and Juliet. Last week saw Valentines’ Day and as a result the same, overused quotes on … Read More

Some of the best love stories literature has to offer

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We all love a good love story. A good romance to keep us happy and hopeful. There have been some amazing love stories in literature over the past few decades, so here are a few to get yourself in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Me Before You (and After You) – … Read More

Review: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is not just Shakespeare’s most famous play, but also one of the most legendary plays in the world. It’s been adapted into numerous films, the musical West Side Story, television programmes as well as countless stage productions globally. So, to stage it with such innovation and dynamism … Read More

Violent delights with Romeo & Juliet at WYP – tickets on sale now

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Deadlines are looming, meaning freedom awaits and there’s no better way to celebrate than relaxing into a theatre seat and enjoying a modern take on one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays. The West Yorkshire Playhouse transports one of the most powerful love stories ever told to an epic northern landscape in … Read More

Theatre | Romeo and Juliet

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4/5 stars November 1 stage@leeds Leeds University Union Theatre Group   The renowned tale of star-crossed lovers is cleverly updated and made relevant for a modern audience, with our current economic climate central to the feud between ‘Capulet Incorporate’ and ‘Montague Banking’. Scenes play out in bars and on street … Read More