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The Gryphon asks: should Nigel Farage be given a government position to help with official relations between Britain and the U.S?

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Yes – Rory Claydon After the results of this election seeing Donald Trump being swept into the White House, I can say that it would be in Britain’s best interests to keep a good working relationship up with the new President-elect, after all the special relationship we have with the … Read More

The rise of the liberal liberals

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Recently, the famous anti-extremism campaigner Majid Nawaz was declared an ‘Anti-Muslim Extremist’ by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) in what Nick Cohen succinctly labelled ‘the first ever fatwa of the white left’. And indeed, Cohen is right in his description. For anyone who is familiar with the work of … Read More

How Clinton trumped Trump

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The first presidential debate of the 2016 race will no doubt go down as one of the most surreal political moments in recent history. Trump, a loud mouthed xenophobe known for a challenging debating style was facing up against Clinton – one would expect a debate where sparks would fly … Read More

The Gryphon asks: Should Britain abolish its monarchy?

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Yes – Rory Claydon: Only a few days ago, the nation was abuzz with news. It wasn’t news of junior doctors striking, refugees, or indeed, anything that matters – instead, the media decided that we all needed to know about the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Even monarchists must admit the wide … Read More

The Left must confront its rampant anti-Semitism

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Anti-Semitism has always been an issue that has run rampant amongst the hard-left for a long, long time. However, often the Labour Party has been free of such an ugly disease – yet recently many student Labour clubs have seen a sudden rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric, often deployed by members … Read More

In reply to The Telegraph: David Cameron is not caught in a 'wealth trap'

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Recently, the Telegraph made a claim that David Cameron is caught in a ‘wealth trap’. It only needs one sentence to perfectly capture what angle the Telegraph was going for: “You often hear of people being “trapped in poverty”, but it is also possible to be trapped in wealth.” So … Read More

Why are all eyes on London?

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With May 5th creeping ever closer, news of the London election has been dominating the airwaves of all of London. This is totally normal – of course an election for the mayor of a city would get coverage in city itself. However, for some reason the London mayoral election has been getting … Read More

The Importance of ‘Time to Change’ day

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On the 4th of the February, it was ‘Time to Change’ day. Now, some of you might not know what this day exactly is, or it may be the first time you’ve heard of it – but I must stress that is one of the biggest landmarks in the fight … Read More

Why Ted Cruz is a bigger threat than Donald Trump

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When news of the Iowa results hit, I saw a great many liberal journalists and papers celebrate what seemed like a catastrophic blow to the Trump campaign (although his rebound in New Hampshire now says otherwise), many saw this as a great blow to the strange pseudo-nationalistic dirge that Trump … Read More

The question David Cameron can afford to ignore: Should Britain end its ‘special relationship’ with Saudi Arabia?

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Yes: Saudi Arabia is a country that is known for, amongst many other sins, dreadful liberties and poor freedom of the press. This distaste for democracy that is adopted by Saudi Arabia leads me to question – why do we have ties with them in the first place? But it’s … Read More