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GE2017: the real winners

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The real winners in last week’s general election were the youth. With the Conservatives losing their majority and the Labour party, whilst making impressive gains, falling short, it is the young people of Britain who can come away from the election knowing that their job has been done. Corbyn’s Labour … Read More

Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ by Kid Cudi

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            On Kid Cudi’s last album, 2015’s Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, he attempted to move away from the moody, futuristic sound he’d found and cultivated on the Man on the Moon records. The resulting record lacked real direction and was heavily slated by critics. With his recent release from rehab … Read More

22, a million by Bon Iver

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In the five years Justin Vernon has spent on 22, a million, his popularity has soared exponentially. Vernon’s association with Kanye West, with whom he contributed on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus, brought his music directly into the spotlight. No secret has been made of the discomfort which … Read More

Hip Hop Pop-Up Shops

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With Drake, Justin Bieber and, perhaps most prolifically, Kanye West all hosting hugely successful pop-up shops this summer, the world of music merch has been truly fired into the 21st century. Musicians are beginning to offer fans a more authentic experience than ordering from an online shop, providing opportunity for … Read More

Suicide Songs by Money

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Manchester-formed Money were quickly characterized by their varying sonic landscape which permeated the critically acclaimed debut The Shadow of Heaven. Fast forward a little over two years and the departure of bassist Scott Beaman, their core sound appears relatively unchanged. The record is a colourful exploration encompassing many perplexing topics … Read More

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful and yet so unaware of it by The 1975

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From bursting on to the scene with a strong radio presence through hit singles ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Sex’ in 2013 and quickly followed by a platinum debut album, The 1975 have always seemed somewhat a contradiction. Their quintessentially dour indie band aesthetic appeared at odds with their predominantly pop music. I … Read More