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Making Hyde Park A Home

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The past couple of weeks I’ve read some great articles about making halls homely and about adapting to Uni accommodation. What I haven’t seen much of however, is advice for second years who are, for the first time, having to brave the joys of Hyde Park 24 hours a day, … Read More

Black History Month – An Excuse for Whitewashing??

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Every year October comes around and newspapers, academia and every other website starts declaring how important black history is and how diverse they are. Black history and diversity in academia are of course undeniably important topics, but does allocating Black history its own specific month merely excuse the fact that … Read More

Agony aunt: combatting feelings of loneliness

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I’m the kind of person that thrives from being around people. Do you have any tips to combat feelings of loneliness when I’m on my own? I love being around others. Now, my housemates would probably disagree because of the amount of time I spend holed up in the library, … Read More

Speaking up or speaking for?

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As a white cis female, I have undoubtedly fallen into the trap of being a ‘white cis feminist’ at times. Despite this, I would certainly not pull a Rose McGowan and totally deny the issue: there is an enormous need for intersectionality within feminism. Feminism for me is about empowering … Read More

A period of willpower and lifestyle change: giving up animal products for Lent

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This year I am attempting to give up animal products for lent. Considering I have never partaken in Lent up until now, this is not only going to prove challenging, but has also raised several questions for me about my own willpower and the value of giving things up. Lent … Read More

The silent ‘no’: a matter of consent

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Blogs writer, Rosie Plummer, offers a sensitive analysis of our society’s continued struggle with gender roles and the issue of non-verbal consent. In light of the recent accusation against Aziz Ansari, I felt intrigued to explore the conflicts of living in a liberal, but patriarchal society, in which men are … Read More

The truth about New Years Eve

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Let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve is a little over rated. I don’t just mean the overpriced drinks, the inevitable hangover, or the mad rush to find someone vaguely good looking to kiss at midnight. As soon as December hits we are all firmly in our overdrafts: counting down the … Read More

A right to life?

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Due to abortions, only one or two babies with Down syndrome are born each year in Iceland, and the country is not alone in having high termination rates. Rosie Plummer discusses the moral implications of aborting a Down syndrome foetuses. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition, which causes distinguishable physical … Read More

Agony aunt: transitioning to vegetarianism

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“I’ve recently decided to become a vegetarian but it’s easier said than done! Do you have any tips to help with the transition?” I never agreed with the meat industry, but it wasn’t until I had to cook for myself that I began to fully consider vegetarianism for a number … Read More

Black history, white writers

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Every year when Black History Month comes around, as a white history student, I encounter the dilemma of how involved to be. I am, of course, a huge advocate of promoting Black History, especially as so much has been done over the years to whitewash our textbooks; but perhaps the … Read More