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The RSC’s New Shakespeare Learning Zone: Another Tiresome Plight?

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Investigating the RSC’s newly-launched Shakespeare Learning Zone, and I’m transported back to the days of using absolutely any website I can find in order to avoid actually having to read Romeo and Juliet. It’s the classic formula of our beloved SparkNotes and GradeSaver: a couple of clicks in and I’ve … Read More

The Royal Shakespeare Company Sells Off Old Wardrobe in Jumble Sale

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What’s the cost of an RSC costume? A very early start we should think. Fancy yourself a piece of history? Julius Caesar’s chest armour perhaps? Or Lady Macbeth’s guilt stained necklace? Last week, the Royal Shakespeare Company offered the chance to enter their old wardrobe and buy any of the … Read More

RSC Salome Review

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Juliette Rowsell challenges the ambitious desires of Owen Horsley as he reshapes Oscar Wilde’s female-centric tale into an all-male performance reflecting, the struggle of its playwright. Salome has always been a play intoxicated with its own mystery. But tonight in Owen Horsley’s production of Oscar Wilde’s most serious play, this … Read More

‘BP or not BP?’ – That is the Question of Student Theatre Subsidies

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From odious oil spills to fat-cat theft – Rose Crees discusses why subsidised student theatre tickets are too good to be true. On the 28th of July 2016 BP announced, to the great dismay of all self-respecting and morally-sound theatre and art lovers in the UK, that they had signed (in … Read More

Review: Antony & Cleopatra – gorgeously melodramatic

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Starring one of the most commanding female characters in Shakespeare‘s collection, Rose Crees reviews the RSC‘s recent take on the classic tale The Royal Shakespeare Company’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra follows the violent passions of Mark Antony, a member of the Roman triumvirate, and Cleopatra, queen of … Read More

RSC’s King Lear: poverty, humanity and destruction

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Can we use 400-year-old plays to reflect on how we live today? Charlie takes a look at Shakespeare’s King Lear to determine whether anything has really changed between then and now: Every time I watch this play, I see it in an utterly different way. This time round, it was … Read More

The Interview: Phillip Breen "Fear stalks the rehearsal room"

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  Doesn’t sex and violence obsess every seventeen-year-old boy?” asks Phillip Breen when I question the choice of play that became his directing debut: Ariel Dorfman’s Death And The Maiden –  a harrowing tale of a political prisoner raped by her captors to the sound of Schubert’s composition of the … Read More

Theatre: Julius Caesar at the Bradford Alhambra

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Where and when: Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, 25th-29th September Director: Gregory Doran Cast: Ray Fearon, Paterson Joseph, Jeffery Kissoon, Cyril Nri Rating: Easy 4/5     ‘Constancy’ is what Brutus’ wife Portia screams for in almost trembling hysteria when Rome’s political world tumbles like the broken stage of the Coliseum behind … Read More