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Trump’s Withdrawal Of Mass Destruction

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This week President Trump announced his plans to pull out of the momentous Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. First of all, what does that mean and why is it even significant? Essentially, the INF was a pact made between the USSR and the USA in 1987 signed by the respective … Read More

The Death of Stalin: a not so historical satire?

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Charlotte Perry reviews Armando Ianucci’s latest satire which strikes a lot closer to home than first expected. Just a few months ago, a poll of 1,700 Russians named Stalin as “the most outstanding person” of all time. This is the context within which Iannucci’s scathing, dark and hilarious satire of … Read More

Morgan’s Mistake – Russia Isn’t To Blame

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Morgan Freeman on Russia The first step to solving a problem is admitting to having the problem. Unfortunately, major sections of the Democratic party are completely unwilling/incapable of doing this. The shock of losing to a candidate as awful as Trump should have sent shockwaves through the DNC, indicating the ... Read More


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“The Hague is waiting for Putin” is something that plenty of Syrians, Ukrainians and millions of others are deeply hoping to hear. Vladimir Putin has just withdrawn Russia from the International Criminal Court creating a frightening precedent for great powers. The fact that a permanent security council member can just … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: World War 3? I don’t think so!

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News of Russia moving ballistic missiles into Kaliningrad sparked mixed reactions: resignation, anger, and apocalyptic fear. Further was Russian testing that shows, yes, the Russian Navy can still fire a missile out of a submarine. None of this should be surprising, in fact it has a reassuring predictability to it. … Read More

BBC’s War and Peace: The story so far

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We all know of Tolstoy’s infamous thousand page novel; not many of us have read it, but we might consider using it as a door stop on the off chance we happen to have a copy in our possession. The good old folks at the BBC have decided to grace … Read More

Doping is inevitable in sport when the pressure to succeed is so high

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“Winning isn’t everything” is a classic sporting mantra. It’s supposed to teach us that we can only do our best and that taking part is the main thing. These sayings run on the assumption that athletes enjoy their sport and sporting events are little more than competitive rivalries. But nowadays … Read More

Sport | Group stages come to a close as Algeria progress

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Yesterday saw the end of the group stages for Brazil 2014, with sixteen teams already sent packing before the knockout rounds begin and the other half still dreaming of progressing to the final. There were many permutations that could have arisen from group G before kick-off in the two matches; … Read More

Sport | Today's World Cup Preview

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Group G is one of few groups where none of the teams have either gone through or gone out going into the final set of matches. Germany and the United States, the top two, know that they only need to draw against each other to go through. Conspiracy theorists have … Read More

Sport | Can Belgium’s Golden Boys Blossom on the World Stage? – World Cup Day 6 Preview

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The World Cup is only five days old and already this year’s tournament is being heralded as the best in recent memory. Goals, skills and thrills have been the mainstay throughout an opening round of games that has produced just one largely forgettable draw; long may it continue. Tuesday promises … Read More