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Why we’re in love with La La Land

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As controversy abounds surrounding La La Land‘s record-breaking 14 Oscar nominations, In The Middle discusses whether the film really is worth the hype… This year’s Oscar nominations are in and it’s official – everyone is gaga for La La Land. Hollywood has a habit of naval-gazing, which means the film’s … Read More

Review: La La Land – unpolished perfection?

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Those captivated by the romance that ensued between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s roles in Crazy Stupid Love, will leave their seats fully satisfied by this all-singing, all-dancing journey of Seb and Mia, that marks the struggle to ‘make it’ in modern day Hollywood. Reminiscent of the 1930s ‘golden age’ of … Read More

Golden Globes 2017: The round up

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Oscar season finally kicks off in great fashion with maybe the most meaningless ceremony of them all! Meryl Streep inspired us all, Tom Hiddleston made an asshat of himself, and Spiderman kissed Deadpool, and all before half the nominated movies come out in England! To think! I’ve seen people talking about … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 7

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It’s the weekend leading up to Halloween, so hold on tight and put these films over the weekend to get you in the right mood for a Monday night full of frights. Friday Night – Lost River – Genre: Indie/Fantasy Lost River is actor Ryan Gosling’s spectacular, stylish, and bizarre … Read More

Film | Only God Forgives

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  Catapulted to international recognition from his first home grown project Pusher (1996) and the critical appraisal of Drive (2011), Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives pays tribute to his ongoing fascination with violence marked by an increasingly stylized palette. Julian (cue Ryan’s slow burning Gosling-Gaze) operates a boxing club at the criminal heart of Bangkok, a … Read More