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Brave Spaces’: the Solution to Free Speech?

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Universities should provide special ‘brave spaces’ on Campus, where students and outside speakers are free to voice unpopular or controversial views. John Palfrey, a former professor and vice-dean at Harvard Law School, made the proposal in his recent book ‘safe space, brave spaces’. He argues that every campus should have … Read More

Free Speech Rules to Hold Universities to Account

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The Government has announced that Universities across England must uphold free speech and that action will be taken against universities who use “no platforming” and “safe spaces” to turn away controversial speakers.  Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister, said: “Free speech is one of the foundations on which our higher education … Read More

Leeds shops offer sanctuary to scared students

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 The Union Exec has helped launch spaces in the city where students in danger can take refuge. The ‘Safe Spaces’ project is using a variety of Leeds landmarks to give students a recognisable place where they can seek help. Participants include the student unions of Leeds University, Leeds Metropolitan and … Read More