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Keep on Groovin’ – Brudenell Groove Review

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Since June 2016, Brudenell Groove have been revolutionising the local music scene by bringing together Leeds’ DJs, promoters and dancers in order to eliminate the hostility of competition and replace it with cooperation and support amongst artists. If Brudenell Groove couldn’t do any more for the local community, all the … Read More

mono_cult 10th Birthday at Canal Mills 03/03

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Leeds had mourned the loss of mono_cult after their Last Dance on NYD 2016, however they did not stay away for long as the event returned to its birth city to celebrate 10 years of parties, bringing along an almighty line-up. Many had travelled from all around the United Kingdom … Read More


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Even though LGBT month is now behind us, any day is a good day to celebrate LGBT accomplishments and take time to appreciate LGBT beauty gurus who inspire thousands of people around the world each day. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or drag there is a role model for … Read More

Storm Doris? Really?

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Last week the Storm Doris hit the UK, bringing with her 90mph gales, blizzards and rainstorms. Her arrival brought much dismay to Brits, as those in the South fell to the knees and those in the North grabbed their ‘big coat’. Yet it also brought lots of questions, particularly surrounding … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 2017 Beauty Releases

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NYX Total Control Foundation Not only will this foundation allow you to have total control over your coverage due to its dropper applicator, it will also be available in 24 different shades. Therefore, people of different preferences and colour will be able to customise their perfect base at an affordable … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: anti-establishment voting

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Shortly after the Brexit result came out my friends and I decided to go and drown our sorrows at the nearest bar, however for one of us this was a celebration as he had voted out. When asked upon his reasoning for his vote he replied “because fuck Cameron”. He … Read More

I See You by The xx

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The day before the release of I See You, the band teased their fans hourly with a Facebook live stream of one of their new songs; not only was this ingenious and creative marketing, but it brought together a community of fans who were able to share their excitement together. There … Read More

Androgyny and Fashion: a make-up, break-up relationship

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Androgyny is often identified as a new concept, but it has been a constant figure in fashion for decades, if not longer. Most recently the essence of the 90s is fully captured through the androdgynous grunge philosophy that allowed the youth’s rebellion against capitalism, social expectation and conformity. This modern … Read More