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Review: The Waiting Room – Stage @ Leeds

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“We are all actors. Everybody lies.” As I fumbled my way through the various set pieces occupying Stage@Leeds last weekend, I was repeatedly reminded of this truism. For in The Waiting Room, a final year PCI production, you are part of the performance. Breaking from the traditional performer-audience dichotomy, immersive … Read More

Have Yourself a Merry Little Gryfmus: The Gryphon’s Top 10 Christmas Bangers

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Since the dawn of Christmas, man has grappled with a single, profound question. What are the definitive, Top 10 yuletide bangers? Here at the Gryphon Music, we think we’ve finally cracked it. Scouring the entire North Pole, working more undeserved overtime than Santa’s elves on Christmas, our writers have slaved … Read More

Gryph Picks: The November Playlist

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This month, Robbie’s friends didn’t want to go to Aldi with him and Juliette had meal deals for lunch and dinner for 6 days in a row. Robert Cairns November is officially the most fucked up month on the calendar. The pleasure of celebrating all of my fellow November Babies’ … Read More

Night Driver by Busted

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Call Peter and get him to smash up the Flux Capacitor; you don’t want to see the future. If this is what’s multi-platinum, the Year 3000 is a bland dystopia ruled by cryogenically preserved X Factor fans. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. Here in 2016, it’s been thirteen years … Read More

Tom Misch @ Manchester Gorilla, 19/11/16

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If the bitter chill over in Leeds has crossed the Pennines, it’s certainly not breached the sweaty walls of Manchester Gorilla. Cosy at the best of times, the intimate venue becomes utterly rammed during a charming, spaced out support set from Carmody. Perhaps this is unsurprising. Multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch has … Read More

Jordan Rakei @ Headrow House, 11/11/16

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For Jordan Rakei, from his infectious grooves down to the offensively loud shirt he’s sporting tonight, there’s only one word. Jazzy. Alongside the likes of Tom Misch and Zak Abel, Rakei forms part of a new groove cult, neo-soul kids rebranding jazz for the beat generation. Across two EP’s and … Read More

Gryph Picks: The October Edition

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We like music over here at the Music section. In fact, we’re downright music nerds. So much so, that we – your fave Gryphon Music Eds – decided to make a playlist of all our favourite tunes from the past month to help give you an insight as to what’s been … Read More

Preview: Beacons Metro

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Beacons Metro preview Beacons Metro is the recent transmutation of Beacons Festival; this used to be a traditional camping festival in August, but the organisers, in keeping with complaints that the traditional camping experience was too expensive for festival-goers, transformed it into a series of gigs, taking place across the … Read More

In celebration of the creeps: 10 greatest Radiohead tracks

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Radiohead have come a long way since their debut single ‘Creep’. In fact, it’s 24 years this week since Thom Yorke and the gang burst into public consciousness, asking what the hell they were doing there. To celebrate the anniversary, we got our heads together to answer a question. What … Read More

"The Fab Four”: meet your music editors

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So you know all about the music section. There’s music. There’s tunes. There’s top bants. But want to know a lil’ more about the faces behind the action? Well then, look no further than our Meet the Editors Guide to find out what it is that we are listening to … Read More