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The Carillion Crows Are Circling: Is Outsourcing Dead?

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Facility management firm Carillion’s recent collapse was one of epic proportions, casting 450 public-sector contracts into doubt, dragging down thousands of small businesses and leaving tens of thousands of employees with an uncertain few weeks ahead. As a gargantuan enterprise with a vast web of projects, services and indeed debt … Read More

May’s ‘wealth tax’: a fiery debate in a dull education

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Given the fact that it largely seems to be little more than a coronation ceremony for Theresa May, whose campaigning tactics are so remarkably unambitious as to avoid anything resembling a debate with her opposition, you would be forgiven for thinking that this election was, well, rather boring. In the … Read More

Dutch Politics: Still in a Rutte

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Most people have declared the Dutch election last week as a clear victory against the new populism that’s already claimed scalps in Britain and the US. Wilders sought to break through and become the largest party; he failed. Wilders had a nationalist message of anti-Islamism and inwardness, which the Dutch … Read More

Trump is our problem too

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Trump’s victory was followed by an uncharacteristically gracious acceptance speech where he reached out to opponents and pledged to serve for all. This is perhaps an early sign that he could in practice be less radical than the election signalled. However a number of Trump’s positions still look to produce … Read More

The Gryphon asks: Should Britain hold a second referendum on its membership in the EU?

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Yes – Sam Robinson:  There are two excellent reasons for a second referendum on the EU. First, a margin of victory of two percent can hardly be called resounding, especially when you consider the second point: the campaigning was atrocious (not only on the Leave side but most glaringly so), … Read More

Labour needs to get its head out of the clouds

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The Tories. They’ve been in power for six years now, implementing a deeply unpopular programme of austerity; making numerous miscalculations along the way on things like tax credits, junior doctors and corruption scandals; enduring a civil war over Europe that saw a spectacular blue-on-blue bloodbath which forced a humiliating leadership … Read More

“Hunt has abandoned all pragmatism for, at best, political expediency”

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The all-out junior doctor’s strike, which saw junior doctors withdraw from emergency care, is certainly ethically contentious – walking out of a crucial public service is always an extreme decision that cannot be taken lightly. This is one of the biggest reasons why, though polling shows the majority of the … Read More

Concerns grow over new head of IT

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The University has come under fire over the recent appointment of new director of IT, Jim Slack, following revelations regarding his former employment history. Mr. Slack resigned as head of IT at the Co-operative Bank in 2012, after being responsible for a computer system upgrade that cost the Co-op more … Read More

"It’s vandalism on a national scale"

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The Gryphon speaks to Lucie Ward, one of the junior doctors staging a peaceful protest outside the Department of Health’s Leeds HQ at Quarry House, about the current state of the NHS, working conditions for junior doctors, and the implications of the government’s proposed new contract. How long have you … Read More

UCU expose gender pay gap in higher education

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The University and College Union (UCU) has published a report, “Holding Down Women’s Pay”, which names and shames the UK’s higher education institutions which have the largest gender pay gaps, to mark International Women’s Day. The report found that in higher education, female academics earned £6,103 less than their male … Read More