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Androgyny: Stripping Fashion of its Gender

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Androgyny and women’s fashion are two concepts often seen together – we’re all used to the sharp lines of Tom Ford suits, and the wonderful craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen tailoring. But androgyny in menswear? Now that’s something we don’t often see. So when a host of designers treated us to … Read More

Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal

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At first glance it may seem odd that nestled in the quaint County Durham countryside, there lives a showcase (temporarily) dedicated to one of the most revolutionary fashion designers of the 20th century. Yet the glorious Bowes Museum, an extravagant 19th Century French château created to house the greatest private … Read More

Best of: Alexander McQueen

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Known for the dark beauty and controversy of his work, the late Alexander McQueen’s talents continue to be ingrained in our memories five years after his passing. It is not only his designs which caught the attention of the fashion industry, but his incredible catwalk shows and the way he … Read More