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Looking at reward systems: is the academic pressure a positive influence?

10 months ago / 0 comments

As we once again approach a busy period of exams and essays, I find myself reflecting upon the enormous pressure some of us put ourselves under to achieve academically. I think that I bought into this approach at school, and I have a suspicion as to why. Secondary school can … Read More

Campus Watch: Bristol private school pupils benefit from initiative for disadvantaged students

2 years ago / 0 comments

The scheme to attract poorer pupils by dropping grade requirements was announced in December last year. This includes those who receive free school meals, live in care or have suffered family problems. However, it has been revealed that 33% of offers under the Scholar’s scheme were students taught at independent … Read More

Students lose 40% of friends every six months, according to research

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A study from Oxford University has found that many friendship groups deteriorate when students leave home and go to university. The researchers, who analysed both male and female original friendship groups, said the core reason was because many students could not get home every weekend to see their friends. Following … Read More

Blogs | A Guide to Social Etiquette Up North

5 years ago / 0 comments

“When you arrive at Leeds Uni old chum you simply must be aware of a few faux pas.” – Anonymous This could be the best piece of advice I received before university and, as I contemplate leaving, I feel I must impart it onto the next generation entering the fray … Read More

News | School splashes thousands on new name

5 years ago / 0 comments

The University’s Institute of Communications Studies has spent nearly £2,000 to change its name. ICS consulted student reps and staff last semester over a potential name change and this week announced that they will be changing their name to School of Media and Communications (or sMaC for short). The re-branding … Read More

News | Exec member in graduation stunt against course closures

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LUU Welfare Officer Charlotte Warner has protested against the closure of School of Healthcare courses during her graduation ceremony today. Warner collected her Nursing degree wearing a sign that read “save healthcare courses”. Earlier, she had encouraged fellow graduates to sign Christmas cards for Vice Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands with … Read More

News | School of Healthcare facing closures

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Six areas of the School of Healthcare are in danger of closing, despite outrage from trade unions. A review by the University has recommended that six out of the eight disciplines in the School of Healthcare close. Pharmacy, Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diagnostic Radiography, and Social Work all … Read More

TV | Educating Yorkshire

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Most of us were probably at school not too long ago and it’s hard to imagine why any of us  would want to watch a fly on the wall documentary about those days. Moments into ‘Educating Yorkshire’ though, and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked. The show, filmed at Thornhill … Read More