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5 Great Sci-fi Novels for You to Read

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Recently, we lost the incredible Stephen Hawking, a man who fundamentally changed the way we view and interact with the cosmos. His works have had such a strong influence on the scientific world and science fiction as a genre. In honour of his passing, here is a look at some … Read More

The Science behind this year’s Science Fiction Movies

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Science-fiction films offer us a chance to escape into a future which we can only dream of – one where anything and everything is possible. Throughout the last few decades Sci-Fi has made incredible strides, in no part thanks to the advancements in special effects technology. The best Sci-Fi films postulate about … Read More

Review: iZombie

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With Halloween upon us, there is nothing better to get yourself into the spooky spirit than watching something scary. Having seen so many supernatural sci-fi TV shows, I didn’t expect much from iZombie, thinking that everything has been done time and time before. It was a pleasant surprise therefore to … Read More

Film | Guardians of the Galaxy – What we know so far

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Images: Marvel Enterprises, Marvel Studios With just over a week to go until Marvel’s next summer blockbuster hits our screens, it’s all systems go for the Guardians of the Galaxy cast and crew, who were out in force this weekend at the film’s international premiere in New York. A fortnight … Read More

Film | Under the Skin gets under your skin

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Under the Skin is a beautiful, sinister, and lovingly crafted Science Fiction film whose story is simple; yet it delves deep into humanity and what it means to be human. Seen through the eyes of an alien openly hidden in a human form, director Jonathan Glazer’s experimental filming style sees … Read More

Books | Cheat's guide to Dune

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LSi presents the abbreviated guide to Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi epic. Who? Paul Atreides – Teenage heir to the noble House Atreides. As opposed to yelling obscenities down his Xbox Live headset, his teenage life consists of taking on the role of Space T. E. Lawrence. Lady Jessica Atreides – Paul’s … Read More

Film | Her – The Best Original Screenplay winner is a five star treat

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Video: Annapurna Pictures 5/5 Stars Who’s the first person you turn to in the morning? Your iPhone or someone with an actual pulse? Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a sensitive and impulsive writer. The opening shot shows us the face of a man with a broken heart; his marriage to Catherine … Read More

Film | Robocop – robo reboot falls flat

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Image: MGM The mere mention of Robocop can prompt an awkward shuffle. The long drawn out sighs before some cries “why are they remaking it? Why?!” This was my reaction too, until a recent realisation: we are making reboots harder for ourselves to watch. The industry is going to keep making … Read More