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The Orca-stration of Beached Whales

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The news in the natural world last week was of 2 large “super-pods” of whales becoming beached in New Zealand. While over 200 pilot whales retook to the sea under their own steam, joining the 100 or so that had already been re–floated by conservation volunteers, the remaining beached whales … Read More

The Alternative Science Digest

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Normally this space is reserved for the weekly digest, updating you on what’s new in science. However, this week we thought we’d reserve the column space for a slightly different meaning to the word digest… This week we’re looking at the weird, and not so wonderful, things that we put … Read More

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Rise of the Fall Army Worm

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A growing global population will undoubtedly increase the stress on finite resources, non-more so than with food availability. This looks set to be exacerbated with the rapid colonisation of Southern Africa by a new species of pest, destroying thousands of crops along with the livelihoods of farmers across the region. … Read More

Britain in a Flap: Bird Flu’s back

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We all remember the pandemic known as bird flu which took place in Britain about 10 years ago, but what has happened to it since? Has it simply just vanished off the face of the earth, or it is still lurking around? Bird Flu, or avian influenza, has been around … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – The Greenland Shark: The Longest Living Vertebrate

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The Greenland shark has a life expectancy of up to 400 years; following a recent study in Science where 28 sharks were caught, three individuals were found to be over 300 years old. Just to put this into perspective, some of these sharks will have been alive when Benjamin Franklin … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Famous Scientists from Leeds

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If you’ve been a student at the University of Leeds for more than one semester you’ve probably heard that Leeds has many famous alumni. The most famous is actor Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman), who arguably barely counts as an alumnus; he was in Leeds for a year as … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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Polling found to still be best predictor of election results: In a study from the University of Houston, researchers have found that global polling can predict up to 90% of election outcomes from around the world. Despite the views of some, in light of Donald Trump’s surprise election, the study shows … Read More

Mars: To boldly go where no man has gone before

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For as long as human history, people have looked up to the heavens and wondered. Among the many celestial fascinations that the night sky offers us, few have caught the human imagination so much as Mars. National space agencies have been formulating various Mars mission plans for decades but with … Read More

Scientific Misconceptions

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The term “Fake news” has received attention recently because of the circulation of false and “alternative” facts. It has become such a concern that two weeks ago Google introduced a new policy which attempts to limit the amount of “bad publishers” who pop up when you search for news. In … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Respiratory Cures from the Deep Blue Sea

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Perhaps you can remember the questionable 1999 killer-shark film Deep Blue Sea, released at the tail-end (I apologise for nothing) of the racy, slasher-esque film revival of the 90s. It features a team of mostly sexy researchers at a high-tech – if easily compromised – marine science station experimenting on … Read More