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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Famous Scientists from Leeds

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If you’ve been a student at the University of Leeds for more than one semester you’ve probably heard that Leeds has many famous alumni. The most famous is actor Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman), who arguably barely counts as an alumnus; he was in Leeds for a year as … Read More

Leeds University scientists discover jet stream in Earth’s core

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Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered a jet stream within the Earth’s molten iron core using satellite data. The discovery, published in the journal ‘Nature Geoscience’, comes following the use of three European Space Agency Swarm satellites to measure and untangle the Earth’s magnetic signals to provide an … Read More

Campus Watch: Birmingham scientists aim to create sperm fertility app

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Scientists from the University of Birmingham have formulated mathematical equations that will help determine the efficiency of human sperm based on visual factors. Leader of the project at Birmingham, Dr Dave Smith, said: “This has the potential to transform fertility treatments.” Current procedures to determine fertility date back over 60 … Read More

Ambivalent Annies and Fickle Fannies

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Scientists have now proved that women are the less decisive sex – I know it’s true ‘cos I read it in the Daily Mail. Any chance to reinforce an unqualified social stereotype and the Daily Mail Online whips out a megaphone. Just another bit of harmless chauvinism based on pseudo-science … Read More