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Times Up: We need to push for action, not words

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In the midst of this watershed moment, where many are calling out sexual misconduct and demanding diversity in the workplace, the importance of not only speaking out, but also taking action, is paramount. The Hollywood industry, in recent years particularly, is one that has been characterised by this struggle for … Read More

The end of Kevin Spacey?

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I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out 1/3— Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) October 30, 2017 Anthony Rapp, the actor famous for playing Lieutenant Paul Stamets in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has made headlines recently for accusing Kevin ... Read More

A third of female students experience sexual harassment at university

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In 2014, the NUS survey shocked readers by revealing that 37% of female students at university in England had experienced sexual harassment from academic staff or supervisors. Leeds University’s internal policy describes sexual harassment as an “unwanted conduct that has the purpose of effect of either violating another person’s dignity … Read More

LUU pledge to continue fight against sexual harassment

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Leeds University Union have announced the next phase of the ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ campaign, in a vow to continue the fight against sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus and in the city. The campaign aims to focus specifically on the issue of consent, and will include workshops to … Read More

LUU and NUS join forces to tackle Lad Culture on campus

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The National Union of Students (NUS) has announced that Leeds University Union is one of nine students’ unions to be participating in its Lad Culture Pilot Scheme. After conducting a Lad Culture Audit earlier this year, NUS found a serious lack of support and services to help those affected by … Read More

Research finds that UK universities are failing to investigate sexual harassment

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New findings have indicated that UK universities are failing to respond to ‘endemic’ levels of sexual harassment on campus. A survey, conducted by website Hexjam and answered by female UK university students, has revealed that one in three respondents have experienced discrimination or sexual harassment. Over half of these incidents have … Read More

Leeds students to ‘Hype The Park’ in action against sexual assault

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Students at the University have organised a protest on Thursday 21st to reclaim the streets following a string of recent sexual assaults in the area. The disco-themed march, labelled ‘Hype The Park #BoogieNotBlame’ calls on women, non-binary and trans students to collectively dance around Leeds’ Hyde Park in an effort to empower the student community. A pre-party event will … Read More

‘No girls allowed!’: Students face sexism at Varsity

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Two female University of Leeds students were victims of sexist abuse at the Varsity grand final according to a complaint put forward to the University. The incident is said to have occurred during the Varsity showpiece event match last Wednesday evening Speaking to The Gryphon, the victims’ friend who witnessed … Read More

‘That’s what she said’: ‘lad culture’ on our campus

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In March 2013 the NUS issued a report called ‘That’s what she said: women’s experiences of ‘lad culture’ in higher education’. Based on interviews with 40 female students, it was prompted by the NUS Hidden Marks research report, which found that one in seven female students had experienced serious physical … Read More

Comment: “Our campus has not escaped the ‘lad culture’ identified by the NUS”

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‘Lad culture’ is epitomised by websites such as ‘UniLAD and ‘the Lad Bible’ through offensive and misogynistic photos and jokes, and has been linked to the amount of harassment and assault experienced by students. The prevalence of this culture among our peers on campus and online is also linked to … Read More