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Why is the Male Contraceptive Pill Taking so Damn Long?

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As a woman using the contraceptive pill for almost four years, I have experienced every side effect under the sun from bigger boobs and mood swings to crippling migraines and depressive episodes. I’m not the only one with around 3 million women in Britain taking the pill and nearly 100 million … Read More


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Bisexuality is still viewed as taboo by many. All too often, it is patronisingly dismissed as a ‘fad’ or worse, a ‘lifestyle choice’. Men say it when they’re actually just gay, and women say it because they think it makes them more sexy, more exotic, more attractive to the opposite … Read More

Breaking the Code of Science’s Last Taboo

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We will have all at some point during our lives heard someone reminisce about the good old days – a simpler time, where things were so much easier. A perfectly acceptable concept when considering the innocence of youth or a time when the BBC made decent programmes, however for those … Read More

The Psychology of Sexuality

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Sexual orientation is described as our patterns of emotional and sexual attraction, with the American Psychological Association further highlighting an emanating sense of personal and social identity, based on those attractions. Alas, the understanding and acceptance of sexuality has, historically, not always been favourably embraced; until 1973, the very same … Read More

‘I wasn’t confined to the ground, you look, and feel, like you are flying.’

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Although it’s hardly the most common form of exercise, pole-dancing has been on the rise in the UK, and has been spreading through the student population of Leeds. Hannah Ryder tells all about her preferred past-time; from the adversity of bringing a pole to halls, to debunking the controversy surrounding … Read More

Books | Sex and the Citadel – Reconsidering attitudes towards sexuality in the Arab world

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The Middle East is present in media outlets everyday yet, in the West, sexuality in Arab culture is still only tentatively discussed. The difficult subject matter is made accessible to all readers as Shereen El Feki, a journalist and former medic who has ties to Canada, Wales and Egypt, is … Read More