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The RSC’s New Shakespeare Learning Zone: Another Tiresome Plight?

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Investigating the RSC’s newly-launched Shakespeare Learning Zone, and I’m transported back to the days of using absolutely any website I can find in order to avoid actually having to read Romeo and Juliet. It’s the classic formula of our beloved SparkNotes and GradeSaver: a couple of clicks in and I’ve … Read More

“The Master-Mistress of my Passion: Shakespeare’s Work Through an LGBTQ+ Lens

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Anaya Sriram examines to what extent Shakespeare represents LGBTQ+ characters within his plays. If you ask anyone to name an iconic straight love story, the first one that springs to mind is usually Romeo and Juliet. Last week saw Valentines’ Day and as a result the same, overused quotes on … Read More

Shakespearean Royalty, Theatre Royalty: Ian McKellen

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This summer, Sir Ian McKellen will be reprising his title role in Chichester Festival Theatre’s West End transfer of King Lear. After a sold-out run in 2017, this production will play in the Duke of York’s Theatre for 100 performances. McKellen has played Lear before, in 2007 with the Royal … Read More

Theatre Group Offer a Fresh Take on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

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Featuring a strong cast, excellent production and a modern interpretation of the Shakespeare classic, Theatre Group’s ‘Macbeth’ is a success. Ella Kennedy’s Macbeth warps the classic tragedy into a narrative of underground secrecy, forming a corporate world peppered with criminality below a surface of tough professionalism. Suited up, and fuelled … Read More

To Be Or Not To Be? That Is The Mystery

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Arts writer, Eleanor Smith, discusses the Shakespeare Authorial conspiracy theory and the playwright’s significance in today’s society. William Shakespeare is often regarded as Britain’s greatest playwright. Four centuries after the composition of his works, he is still celebrated on school curriculums, in television, film and theatre, and in everyday life. … Read More

Ian Mckellen Stars in Chichester’s Formidable King Lear

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Chichester Festival Theatre’s 283 person capacity Minerva Theatre, a stage-less studio theatre, seems a strange and slightly underwhelming location for the theatrical and onscreen powerhouse Sir Ian McKellen to perform. After graces the stages on the West End and Broadway, and starring in Beauty and the Beast, The Hobbit trilogy and … Read More

Review: Antony & Cleopatra – gorgeously melodramatic

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Starring one of the most commanding female characters in Shakespeare‘s collection, Rose Crees reviews the RSC‘s recent take on the classic tale The Royal Shakespeare Company’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra follows the violent passions of Mark Antony, a member of the Roman triumvirate, and Cleopatra, queen of … Read More

‘Gender-blind’ Shakespeare: androgynous roles

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After a recent production of Twelfth Night where the notorious comical role of Malvolio was portrayed by actress Tamsin Grieg, some critics have bemoaned the loss of traditional masculinity in theatre. Why? It is understandable to recollect previous productions with a sense of wistful nostalgia, but this shouldn’t corrupt the … Read More

Does Shakespeare live in 2016?

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The British Council has launched a global programme to bring Shakespeare into the 21st Century, but is Shakespeare Lives in 2016 achieving its goal? The Shakespeare Lives in 2016 campaign aims to bring the Bard into the 21st century, but I’m not sure it’s working, or that it will be … Read More

RSC’s King Lear: poverty, humanity and destruction

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Can we use 400-year-old plays to reflect on how we live today? Charlie takes a look at Shakespeare’s King Lear to determine whether anything has really changed between then and now: Every time I watch this play, I see it in an utterly different way. This time round, it was … Read More