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Enterprise Student Plunges in to Lingerie Industry

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The Gryphon interviews student entrepreneur, Harriett Howe, who is making waves in the lingerie industry with her fresh and funky designs. As students, we are often steered in the direction of employment as soon as we graduate. However, Harriett is a shining example of how you can seriously benefit from … Read More

Businesses to Watch During Fresher’s Week

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Dominos leaflets scattered on the streets, hands full of club flyers and student discounts everywhere. Yep, it’s fresher’s week and businesses will do everything they can to get their hands on your newly acquired student loan money. Targeting students is a very effective way for businesses to reach a new … Read More

All is not how it Queens…

2 years ago / 0 comments

(Photo from : Evening Standard) Can you believe it? The Queen will be getting a complete refurbishment of Buckingham Palace, costing around £369 million and we are going to be paying for it! Well no, not exactly. This is the controversial and typical media spin that most newspapers have led … Read More

The art of budgeting : Travelling

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(Photo from : crohnsandcolitis.org) As students it’s more than likely your time away from university is going to be spent travelling in some way, may it be around the country, around Europe or around the world. However with a weak pound and constant rising prices squeezing our budgets even tighter it … Read More

The Leeds food industry making a difference

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In modern industry, the recognition of the environmental and ethical impact of firms is undoubtedly growing. As consumers, many of us no longer find it acceptable for businesses to exploit natural resources for their own greedy motives! More and more businesses now incorporate ethical goals into their company structures. We … Read More