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Midnight Special – A sci-fi road movie

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Two men, a little boy, a car and the night are the main elements Midnight Special starts its journey with. It opens with a few road movie clichés: a car, the road and its passengers escaping or heading somewhere. However, Midnight Special, as its title indicates, is special, and the … Read More

Leeds Young Film Festival Wows All Ages

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Last month, Leeds Young Film Festival (LYFF) returned throughout Leeds, with a series of screenings and film-related experiences taking place across Leeds Town Hall, Carriageworks Theatre and Hyde Park Picture House. Now in its 17th year, LYFF is a great initiative aiming to introduce the magic of cinema to children, … Read More

Trumbo: Hollywood’s not so Golden Age

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Hollywood in the 1940s. Cinema’s golden age. It was the time of such famous film folk as Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, and Orson Welles. However, it was also the period of the infamous Hollywood Blacklist, a list of suspected communists working in the film industry. Finding themselves on the list resulted … Read More