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Brooders Storm The Lending Room Stage with New Single ‘Amnesia’

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Last Friday marked the release of Brooders’ latest single – ‘Amnesia’ – with the band playing a hometown release show the night before at the Lending Room. Most bands experience some anxiety over the potential for leaks in the build-up to their releases, but not Brooders, with their frontman joking … Read More

Gorillaz take on Trump with new single ‘Hallelujah Money’

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In late 2014, rumours began circulating about a possible Gorillaz return. This seemed to be confirmed in early 2015, when the band’s visual designer and co-creator Jamie Hewlett posted a few new pictures of Gorillaz drawings and artwork on Instagram. Damon Albarn later announced the band would be releasing new music … Read More

Just a Girl

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Recently, I keep hearing the same type of story from friends over and over again. I hate to make a sweeping statement but there is a certain consensus in society that all girls want relationships.  There is the idea that we stare at our phones waiting for your text, analyse over … Read More


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Is there a more divisive day than Valentine’s? For some, its very name sparks excitement; for others, it’s little more than an expletive. It carries with it all the baggage of preconceptions, prejudices and familiar clichés. On one side of what seems to have become an image war, we have the … Read More