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A Smoking Ban- The First Step To More Responsible Tourism

11 months ago / 0 comments

With the announcement of the new law in Thailand to ban smoking on some of their top tourist beaches, the issue of responsible tourism can’t help but be thrown into the spotlight. Having been to Thailand this summer it was shocking to see the impact tourists have on once culturally … Read More

Putting the fag out: the future of smoking

2 years ago / 0 comments

(Photo from: StopSmokingNews) Ask someone standing outside Terrace with a pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other about their smoking habit. The conversation will probably go along these lines: “Are you a smoker?” “No”, “You are smoking right now though ” , “But I’m not a smoker, … Read More

University working towards a ‘smoke-free’ campus

2 years ago / 0 comments

The issue is discussed among students following a proposal to introduce designated outdoor smoking areas At the most recent Better University Forum a motion was proposed to implement specific outdoor smoking areas on campus. Nine voted in favour and six voted against, but any further decision has been postponed until … Read More

Comment | Smoke and mirrors

5 years ago / 0 comments

Without a doubt, we live in a society that frowns upon smoking, meaning that recent proposals to ban smoking in cars carrying children under the age of 18 have been widely applauded. While it is irrefutable that any movement involving the protection of children is a positive one, the potential … Read More

Science | Comment – Mephedrone, not for human consumption

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Mephedrone, more commonly known as MCAT or Meow Meow was the first of a new type of drugs, and it will not be the last. A synthetically produced research drug belonging to a group of drugs known as cathinones; MCAT erupted onto the UK drugs scene possibly as a result … Read More