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Record. Share. Repeat.

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When I first watched the viral clip of a man verbally abusing a woman on the London Tube, I was surprised and amused to say the least. This is not because I particularly enjoy violent scenarios, but it is quite rare to see such incidents in real life, right? That’s … Read More

Group Chats on Social Media: Friend or Foe?

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The Gryphon explores the pros and cons of group chats on social media forums, their effects upon friendships, mental health, and our collective social interaction. Group chats with people you know well are wholly unlike the chats you have for, say, the group presentation for that module you don’t care too … Read More

The ‘Micky Mouse’ degree: media degrees deserve more credit

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Amidst the plethora of essays that I’m currently working on (supposed to working on, anyway), it is difficult to take out time to pen down something. Yes, let us go back to the time when writing was romanticized by the traditions of pen and paper – a writer can dream! I … Read More

Campus Watch: Delhi University looks to introduce lessons on how to use Facebook effectively

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Facebook has become an everyday aspect of the lives of people all across the world, and now Delhi University hopes to add “Facebook post writing” to its English curriculum. Alongside this, there would also be opportunities for students to learn about how to write an engaging blog post or cover … Read More

Chasing Catwalks

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This Milan fashion week menswear show saw YouTubers and “social media influencers” alike not just on the elusive front row but strutting down the runway alongside models. Specifically Dolce and Gabbana invited a host of millennial “influencers” and celebrity offspring that the fashion duo dubbed favourably as the “DG Princes”. … Read More

Has Black Mirror come to China?

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Cast your minds back to the first episode of the new series of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian Black Mirror. In ‘Nosedive’ the protagonist Lacie simpers her way through a perfectly manicured world of perfectly polite people. In this alternate reality, every action is judged and rated by those around her and … Read More

#Slacktivism: Are we protesting enough?

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In world of increasing social injustice and political division, activism is needed more than ever. But is a Tweet or Facebook share enough? Meenakshi Parmar discusses… I think it’s fair to define myself as a slacktivist. A classic armchair activist. I will sit at my computer and feel affirmation simply … Read More

What I learned from my first break-up

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Your social media image is the least important thing in the world: I adored posting photos of me and my boyfriend on Instagram, Facebook, and just about anywhere else it was possible to do so. I liked showing the world how happy we were. Now, I see couples doing the … Read More

Black Mirror – An Indicator of What’s to Come?

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With the popularity of Black Mirror, Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal asks whether this content is as fictional as we think. (Warning: spoilers ahead!) I came across this fascinating series quite recently and was piqued by how it takes our use of technology and develops it frighteningly, enmeshing our entire livelihoods with … Read More

Donald Trump: who needs scientific rigour in a post-factual era?

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Like many who have been following American politics, I woke up to news that I thought would never happen on Wednesday 9th November – Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. My amusement for this almost comedically bad candidate soon turned to abject horror. Now we’ve … Read More