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RAG Week: Raising Awareness and Giving Something for Everyone

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RAG Member and News Editor, Eleanor Smith, gives us a run-down on LUU’s biggest volunteering society’s largest event of the year. This week saw Leeds Raising and Giving (RAG) take over the University of Leeds as RAG Week launched into action. The week, aimed at raising money for grass-roots Leeds-based … Read More

Leeds Fashion Society to Host Sustainable Clothes Swap

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In honour of our University’s pledge to be plastic-free by ’23, the Leeds Fashion Society will be hosting its very first Clothes Swap event this Wednesday from noon until 5pm. For clothes swap novices, the event consists of a clothes-drop off on Monday 19th November at helpdesk in the Union … Read More

Tell Me More: Helping Societies Do More

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Speaking with LUU’s Activities Officer, Lauren Huxley, Susy Goldstone discusses the Union’s programme for making inclusive societies a reality. Inclusivity. Accessibility. We all like to think that we implement these words within our societies, but do LUU societies actually go far enough in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their individual needs, is included? LUU … Read More

Good Grief: The Society Talking About Student Bereavement

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Society has been taken over this week by the Bereaved and Young Student Network (BAYSN). This LUU society are doing their best to support students who have ex-perienced death, by surrounding them with students who understand to help them navigate their way through the strange landscape of loss. Sitting on … Read More

LUU Mantality Society: Rethinking Male Mental Health

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As one of the key founders of the newly formed LUU Mantality Society, our Editor-in-Chief, Reece Parker, discusses the concept behind positive male mentality and the benefits of refusing to suffer in silence. Male mental health is in crisis. It is one of the most pressing issues which our society … Read More

#Empower: A movement sure to be carried on

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LUU Women in Leadership Society have cemented their status as one of the most active groups around campus, with a host of recent sell-out events aimed at empowering women as they leave university and navigate through the job market. Bella Davis went to their much-publicised Empower Conference to discover new … Read More

Society Spotlight: Muay Thai

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As well as editing the Society section of The Gryphon, Mary Lumley acts as the President of the Leeds University Union Muay Thai Society. Here she discusses exactly what makes the society and the sport “better than boxing”, and what it can do for you. For those less well-versed in … Read More

Empower Conference 2018 – All You Need to Know About Leeds University’s First Student Led Leadership Conference

12 months ago / 0 comments

You will almost certainly have seen it being advertised and promoted both online and in the Leeds University Union building, but what exactly is the Empower Conference? Where did the idea for a student-led, company-sponsored and leadership-focused event arise from? In addition to this, why is the Empower Conference a … Read More

University of Liverpool Labour Students “Tongue-in-Cheek” Call for Execution of Monarch Criticised

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The University of Liverpool Labour Students have been condemned for a tweet which appeared to insinuate a desire to execute Queen Elizabeth II. Referring to the 369th anniversary of the execution of King Charles I, UoLLS tweeted ‘Happy #RegicideDay comrades! We did it once, we can do it once again.’ … Read More

New year, new you – new society?

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It’s the new year (just about..) and with the new year comes all the talk around pushing the boat out and trying something new. Taking the plunge can be daunting, but since these societies are all newbies too maybe it’ll be a case of problem shared and problem halved? In … Read More