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Androgyny and Fashion: a make-up, break-up relationship

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Androgyny is often identified as a new concept, but it has been a constant figure in fashion for decades, if not longer. Most recently the essence of the 90s is fully captured through the androdgynous grunge philosophy that allowed the youth’s rebellion against capitalism, social expectation and conformity. This modern … Read More

The Uni’s Own Coffee Society: Revealed

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Bringing people together who share the same appreciation for a cup of coffee, learning about a variety of coffee from local producers based in Leeds and, the best part, a good brew made right on campus from a selection of the finest coffee beans grown across the globe. Welcome to … Read More

In The Spotlight: Leeds Freedom from Torture

2 years ago / 5 comments

One of the great things about attending university is that it gives you the opportunity to volunteer with a number of great charities. One of these charities, Freedom from Torture, inspired Kaleem Luthra to start a society dedicated to raising awareness of the work done by the charity. The Gryphon … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A new society for all costume lovers

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Freshers’ week is long gone, and the first week of lectures has slowly but surely come to an end. But the year is still only getting started, and with a new year come new… societies. We’ve picked out a few of them that you might not know about yet – … Read More

New Society Alert: Skate Society

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Growing up, most of us dabbled in some form of skating or another. But what comes to mind when we think of the most daring and most popular form of skating? Why, skateboarding of course. #newsocietyalert. Recently, several students decided that a society was needed to appreciate skateboarding, and this … Read More

Society Spotlight: Buddhist Meditation Society

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Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…. Yes, it’s that time of the semester again. Come May, we students find ourselves plunged into a season of countless all-nighters and cramming sessions. Even if you’re one of the good ones, who either: (A) pretends no work or revision has been done, when in … Read More

Exams got you down? Get to HISTFEST

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The most anticipated History Society event of the term, HISTFEST is back and promising to be as spectacular as ever. For those of you not in the know, HISTFEST is a festival run by History Society every year, combining fun with fundraising for great causes. This year, HistSoc is raising … Read More

In The Spotlight: Anime & Manga Soc

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This week, The Gryphon spoke to Becca McDonald, treasurer of Anime & Manga Soc, to find out more Have you ever heard of Attack on Titan? Sailor Moon, perhaps? Surely, you must have heard of Dragon Ball Z? All of these are examples of popular anime and manga, and Leeds … Read More

In The Spotlight: LUU Women’s Hockey

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This week, The Gryphon talked to Kitty Pandya, a second year PPE student and social secretary for the Women’s Hockey Club. LUU’s Women’s Hockey Club is the largest university hockey club in the country, with eight teams playing in both the BUCS and Yorkshire Leagues. As well as possessing sporting … Read More

Aikido: More Than Just a Martial Art

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  This week, Sam Robinson, a second year PPE student and the Treasurer of Aikido society, gives us a comprehensive view of what being in the society is like. Aikido is a Japanese martial art, which takes some inspiration from jujitsu. It focuses on using your opponent’s attack against them, … Read More