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Sport | An ancient physical practice finds its way from China to Leeds Uni

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Have you ever thought about doing Lishi Tai-Chi? Here is a little bit about the history and more information about the traditional Chinese art. Wei Hai is a small, Chinese city lying at the coastal tip of Shandong Province. Nestled under mountains and lapping up the waves, this beautiful place enjoys … Read More

News | Students seek to form new drugs society

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Students are seeking to start a society supporting the legalisation of party drugs. The Re-Thinkers launch event ‘Are you high?’ will include a talk from a drug user and a live debate. Students who have formed the group told LS they want to “encourage individuals to become more open minded” and … Read More

News | Eng Soc hosts Weakest Link

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EngSoc discovered whether it was students or lecturers who “would get more splinters from scratching their head” in their Weakest Link competition. The event was in aid of Reading Matters, a Yorkshire based charity. Lecturer Simon Swift was slower than his name suggested and was the first contestant voted off. … Read More

News | HistSoc bag £5k in competition

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History Society has won £5,000 in RateMyPlacement’s ‘National Society Showcase’ competition. The competition had four rounds, including a YouTube video round for students to display their marketing talents. Leeds HistSoc’s committee got the most people to sign up to RateMyPlacement, also winning a £100 bar tab bonus. The committee were … Read More

Comment | Smoke and mirrors

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Without a doubt, we live in a society that frowns upon smoking, meaning that recent proposals to ban smoking in cars carrying children under the age of 18 have been widely applauded. While it is irrefutable that any movement involving the protection of children is a positive one, the potential … Read More

Comment | Coming out is still important

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For many young people coming out is the scariest thing they’ll ever have to do. Coming out to their parents, their friends, distant relatives, even course mates and colleagues, can be a genuine nightmare. One day it’ll be enough to mention that you’re dating someone and for nobody to bat … Read More

Comment | Inequality reigns supreme

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Short of a perfectly timed meteor strike in Davos last week, there was little hope for anything in the way of a real solution to global inequality at the World Economic Forum. Crammed with career politicians, the irony of some of the world’s top 1 per cent meeting to fight … Read More

Comment | Serve the rich, eat the poor

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Faced with the shameful statistics that 13 million people in the UK are currently living below the poverty line and supermarkets waste 15 million tonnes of food each year, surely outrage and immediate action are the only possible responses? Seemingly not. Instead the powerful millionaires in Government and fat cats … Read More

Comment | No 'benefit' to anyone

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You might have noticed that critics and fans have been raving in equal measure about Channel 4’s recent series, Benefits Street. Whether you tuned in to watch or recoiled at the premise of the program, it certainly got people talking. Benefits Street was wrong on so many levels: from peddling … Read More

Debate | Are supermarkets that super?

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60 years ago local, independent food stores were at the heart of the high street and greengrocers were the cornerstone of our communities. Now, big brand supermarkets dominate the nation’s shopping habits. The ‘big four’: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons are responsible for over 75 per cent of the UK … Read More