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The Lunar-cy of Moons

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Mini-Moon fact-lets: Moon rocks are magnetised which is weird as the Moon has no magnetic field itself, scientists are still confused as to how this happened as a ‘close call’ with Earth would have ripped the moon apart. The Moon’s mean density is 3.34 times that of water whereas Earth’s … Read More

Into the Void: What would happen if a Black Hole Entered our Solar System?

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With Christopher Nolan’s newest film Interstellar, now in cinemas (see our recent article on the incredible black hole at the heart of this film) it’s safe to say that black holes are becoming quite the subject of choice in science. The question of what would happen if one were in close proximity … Read More

Science | Human settlement on Mars by 2023, would you take the one way trip?

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The red planet, commemorating  the roman god of war, may cause many people to visualise a dry, arid landscape composed primarily of silicate rocks, complete with craters, volcanoes, deserts and an overall inhospitable environment, however it seems over 200,000 applicants are desperate to make Mars their final destination. The non … Read More