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Review: BoJack Season 5

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Looks like our favourite dysfunctional character is back – with a new season to boot! When we last saw BoJack at the end of season four, he was attempting to redeem himself as a person by helping Hollyhock find her mother and agreeing to star in the show Philbert after Princess Carolyn … Read More

Minimalism: A New Middle-Class Phenomenon?

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Too many young Youtubers nowadays are advocating with an almost religious zeal about how getting rid of clutter ‘changed their lives’ and, so, perhaps it’s time we had a real look at this ‘minimalist’ trend which is sweeping the nation (or at least the internet.) Minimalism, as it is being … Read More

Why I’m Sick Of Mental Health Awareness

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Movember is here and that means just one thing. Men forsaking their razors for the cause of raising awareness of men’s health, with more and more of a focus on mental health. With suicide being the leading cause of death for young men (aged 20-49) in England and Wales it’s … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should Milo Yiannopolous have been allowed to speak at UC Berkeley?

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Yes – Sophie Wheeler Controversial figure Milo Yiannopoulos, set to give a speech at U. C Berkeley on cultural appropriation, was silenced by rioters last Wednesday in the name of ‘tolerance.’ Rioters threw smoke bombs, started fires and smashed windows protesting against the speaker’s alternative views. Only one person was … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should Britain abolish the monarchy?

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Yes – Edmund Goldrick The British Monarchy, currently, is a wonderful institution. They have carried out their duties admirably, helping raise astronomical sums of money for worthy causes, forging exceptional careers, and becoming effective diplomats for times when conventional diplomacy was not expedient. But the monarchy needs to be abolished, … Read More

As his second term comes to an end, The Gryphon asks: will the world look back favourably on Obama’s time in office?

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Yes –  Steven Atkins The first African American President of the United States had a lot to do in order to deliver the hope that he had promised. The quiet revolution that Obama has led, despite having to work with a Republican Congress whose “top political priority” was to “deny … Read More

Foul Play: More Evidence of Football Corruption Surfaces

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An undercover investigation by the Telegraph has revealed evidence of corruption and bribery at the highest level. Their evidence reveals that as many as eight managers and assistant managers are suspected of taking backhand deals or “bungs” as is referred to in the secretly filmed footage. Football agents are seen … Read More

The Gryphon asks: Is the Bluetooth check in system fair to students?

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Yes – Sophie Wheeler Just over two weeks ago the new Bluetooth system went live, causing a massive shake up on campus. Leeds is following the general trend towards taking attendance more seriously, with policies such as mandatory attendance to pass classes being introduced in other areas of the U.K. … Read More

From Brazil to Briggate: Olympic heroes return

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Yorkshire Olympians and Paralympians celebrated their success at Rio this week during a homecoming parade organised by Leeds City Council. Thousands lined the streets to cheer on athletes as they rode around Leeds on open top buses. Yorkshire Olympians brought home 14 out of an overall total of 67 medals … Read More