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Campus Watch: Cambridge women overtake men in successful applications for the first time

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UCAS figures show that despite fewer female students applying this year a higher proportion of women received offers over men. Almost 900 fewer women than men applied to the University of Cambridge compared to the previous year, but female students received just 30 fewer offers. This equates to a 6.5 … Read More

Why BBC2’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ has got people talking

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Muslims Like Us is a two-part BBC2 programme documenting ten British Muslims living under one roof. Soraya Ali and Mira Mookerjee give us their opinions and try to pin down just what’s got everyone talking about the programme. “The show beautifully captured the struggles British Muslims and immigrants face daily…” … Read More

Student pauses degree to launch FGM charity

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A university student has taken a year out of her degree to successfully launch a charity in Leeds. Bethel Tadesse is originally from Leeds but studies at Northampton University. While students often take time between their second and third years to study abroad or complete a year in industry, Bethel … Read More