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Automation Threatens to Widen North-South Divide

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For years, northern industry was at the forefront of England’s economy. From the industrial revolution which traces its roots from Lancashire cotton mills, to coal mining across Yorkshire and the North-East, Britain was powered by Northern workers. That is until technology began to make more and more jobs redundant, and … Read More

Northerner or Southerner … where’s the border?

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Roll up roll up freshers! From the title of my article you can probably guess that I am about to try and divulge into the almost taboo concerning the North versus the South. What a load of rubbish it is too! But blimey, it has caused arguments, separated families and … Read More

North South divide influences two thirds of University Applicants

2 years ago / 0 comments

Nearly two thirds of prospective students are influenced by the north-south divide when it comes to applying to universities. Research conducted by The Student Room, an online forum for students, showed that almost 62% of students would prefer to study in the South, compared to just 38% who would rather … Read More

Campus Watch: Wits University reopens following student protests

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The University of Witwatersand (Wits), South Africa has reopened after student demonstrations forced its closure last week. Nationwide protests calling for free education have highlighted the continuing sense of inequality felt by many black students, more than two decades after the end of apartheid. Many universities were forced to either … Read More

Universities in South Africa close amid tuition protests

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Protests for free university education in South Africa escalated this week, prompting at least four institutions to close temporarily just before the exam period is due to begin. The protests follow a government proposal to raise tuition fees by up to eight per cent. With many young black South Africans, … Read More

Sport | Match of the Day – Leeds dominate in Water Polo

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After finishing 4th  in the BUCS Water Polo Premier North group, Leeds were drawn against Premier South 5th placed Imperial in what had the makings of a close-fought contest. In reality, Leeds glided through their first round tie, demonstrating a gulf in class as they cemented their place in the … Read More

Photojournal | Going home – A Christmas storm

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I should have seen this coming. It’s Christmas Day and my family is persuading me to take the usual walk with them up to a large tree at the top of the hill near our house. I am not easily swayed as it’s always the same routine: a nervous shuffle … Read More