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Are International Breaks Broken?

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Image Credit: [PA] The Gryphon examines the damaging effects that the International Break has on domestic competitions The International Break may be considered one of the worst times for club football fans. With the Premier League season having started only eight weeks ago, we are now seeing the second break … Read More

Why Do the Catalans Want Independence?

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Following increasing unrest and tension, recent events in Spain have seen the northern region of Catalonia declare independence from Spain. This is on the back of a controversial referendum (outlawed by the Spanish government) in which 90% of the 43% of the population who voted were in favour of independence. … Read More

What You Won’t Have Thought of When Travelling With a Friend

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This is a bit of a warning but also a sturdy starter pack for those thinking of having a jaunt of their own. There are certain things that go without saying before you go away: what you should take with you; to always have all your travel documents together etc. … Read More

Postcards from Abroad: The truth about Spanish fiestas

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Hola everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought it should be about something fun and just a little spectacular… so the famous Spanish fiestas immediately sprang to mind!They’resomething that you think of immediately when someone mentions Spain, a great fun-loving nation, along with paella, sangría, … Read More

Thirteen European university students die in Spanish coach crash

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At least thirteen European university students, all of them women, have died in a motorway coach crash in North East Spain. British students were on board the coach but it is not yet known if they are among the dead or injured. The coach, which was carrying erasmus students of … Read More

Postcards from Abroad: Málaga, Spain

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Abigail is a mature (is 23 really mature?) third year English Language and Literature student spending one year studying abroad at the Universidad de Málaga. She loves travelling, and has spent every summer from the age of 17 exploring new places solo, thus moving to another country wasn’t too daunting. … Read More

Postcards from Abroad: Barcelona VS Madrid

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Hola everyone! So Madrid or Barcelona? Barcelona or Madrid? Their rivalry is legendary and it doesn’t just stop at football, especially at the moment with the Catalan independence movement in full swing.They’re the two biggest cities in Spain, as you probably well know and, consequently, the most popular for tourists … Read More

Post-Franco Spain: A case of voluntary amnesia

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With last week marking forty years since the death of its late dictator, Francisco Franco, a familiar silence fell over Spain. Since his passing in 1975, the discussion of Franco’s totalitarian regime and its atrocities have become a nationwide taboo, tacitly suppressed by all corners of the Spanish population, from … Read More

A Spanish Year Abroad: Sun, Sand and Sangria

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With the beach, mountains and city centre all within 20 minutes from where I lived, Valencia was the perfect destination for my year abroad. Often overlooked as a tourist spot, despite being the third largest city in Spain, it is definitely underestimated due to the tough competition from Madrid and … Read More

Postcards from Abroad: Barcelona, Spain

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When I think about the fact that I’ve spent a month abroad already, I have to pinch myself a little bit. That’s a whole month without ringing my mum, crying about how much I want to come home; or giving in and speaking English out of frustration when not understanding … Read More