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Review: Spectre – Exotic, sexy, stylish

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The success of 2012’s Skyfall hung heavily over all our expectations. With virtually unanimous applause, it redefined a ‘tough act to follow’. I therefore admit that I was sceptical – could director Sam Mendes really return to make a sequel worthy of its predecessor? In Spectre, Bond is back, and … Read More

Why A Sexist Bond Is No Longer Fit For The 21st Century

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Spectre is a fantastic film – it’s not as good as Skyfall, but it comes somewhere close. Craig, Waltz et al are superb, and that opening scene is one of the best ever put on film. Its treatment of women, however, is severely problematic. Of course, that’s always been part … Read More

A middle-aged Bond Girl: what’s the fuss?

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The media applause over Monica Bellucci’s casting as the female lead in the new James Bond film as a huge positive step for the series is somewhat baffling. Praise for this decision, described by director Sam Mendes as “revolutionary”, stems from Bellucci being, at fifty, the oldest female lead in … Read More