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To gym or not to gym: a defence of outdoor sport

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Wake up and smell the roses. Smell the dew. The mud and the grass. Don’t close yourself into an overly-lit, boxed-in cauldron of leather, heavy metal and sweat; come to be known as the gym. This month I would encourage all to spread their legs into the brisk outdoors and … Read More

Commercialisation of sport: has it gone too far?

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Sport can be incredibly powerful. Indeed, so can advertising. But does this mean the two are incompatible? Has sport been so infused with the commercial that it has lost its meaning and its authenticity? I’m on the fence. Let’s think back to last week’s Super Bowl in the US, the … Read More

Tiger roars back into contention

9 months ago / 0 comments

Tiger Woods made an impressive return to competitive golf at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, finishing tied for 9th in the 18 man field. The tournament, ultimately won by fellow American Rickie Fowler after a stunning final round of 61, was always likely to be overshadowed by the … Read More

Squad goals: a look into competitive cheerleading

12 months ago / 0 comments

When you hear ‘cheerleading’, what comes to mind? At this time, your response may be influenced by the rise in popularity of competitive cheerleading in recent years. The time of cheerleading being a side-line performance to encourage other sports teams is quickly receding into obscurity. In its place, a complex … Read More

Hi Society

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Welcome back to, or welcome to, the Gryphon Society pages! We are committed to showcasing the many different clubs and societies that are home to Leeds, helping you discover what’s on offer and helping our readers find more about what they can get involved with. With over 300 societies to … Read More

New £5 million development for cycling, The Brownlee Centre, opens in Leeds

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Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Olympic winners and Leeds alumni, will be launching the new University of Leeds centre on Friday 28th April. It is named after them in honour of their sporting successes, most recently in the Rio Olympics where they won gold and silver medals. The centre will comprise … Read More

Do Men Choke Under Pressure?

2 years ago / 0 comments

After International Men’s Day was celebrated on Saturday, it is clear that, on a broad societal scale, there is a lot regarding male depression and anxiety levels that still needs addressing. In the sporting arena, this is also, unfortunately, a truism. With the devastating examples of the late Robert Enke … Read More

The not so English Premier League

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(Photo from Reuters) 16 out of the current 20 premier league clubs have a foreign-owner; can you name the exceptions? Will they be the focus of the next wave of FDI (foreign direct investment) into the glorious game? Premier league clubs have made a remarkable 14 season consecutive post-tax loss, … Read More

Five ways to get fit that will fit your budget

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Not everybody wants to pay £173 (at the least!) to exercise. The Edge can be expensive, and in the age of Instagram, where all you see on your screen is beautiful people drinking kale smoothies and working out twice a day, with abs you could grind cheese on and bums … Read More

“Varsity could be cancelled” following rowdy behaviour

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A University official has warned that the future of Varsity could be in danger following disorderly behaviour at the men’s rugby final last Wednesday. Headingley Stadium has handed out a string of £1,000 fines to students who ran on to the pitch on the night of the game. Police are … Read More