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Out at the Winter Olympics

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Western media is falling over itself to celebrate queer visibility at the Winter Olympics. If you're desperate to accrue credibility as a progressive then the very least you could do is explain why it actually means something. Sometimes it's life-affirming to see something queer that is not explicitly about the ... Read More

Report into doping accuses Sir Bradley Wiggins of “crossing ethical line”

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When thinking about doping many think of: the recent Russian scandal, which shows no signs of abating; the recent case of Maria Sharapova; or the infamous case of Lance Armstrong, who inspired the world by beating cancer, raising money for charity whilst continuing to be, or at least seeming to … Read More

Review: Shock Soc’s Robot Fighting League

12 months ago / 0 comments

Last week Sports Editor, Elliot van Barthold, went down to Shock Soc’s Robot Fighting League to witness barbarism the likes Leeds University Union had never witnessed before. The turn of the millennium was a truly iconic period of British pop culture: S Club 7 were dominating radio’s soundwaves; Liam and … Read More

Fire at The Edge

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The Edge sports centre had to be evacuated last Friday, after a small fire broke out in one of the offices. At around 9.50am the alarm was sounded, following which all gym goers evacuated on to the street. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “On Friday 21 April there was … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 10 of the best jazzy gym leggings

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It goes without saying that when you look good, you feel good. Everyone wants to achieve that summer body and getting the motivation can be a challenge. As students we don’t always have the cash to splash out on sportswear so whether you are a once-a–week jogger or a seasoned … Read More

Campus Watch: University of Gary Neville

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The ‘class of ‘92’ plan a sports-focused university. Gary Neville, the ex-Manchester United footballer turned TV commentator, is in talks to open a new university with brother Phil as well as Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, also ex United players. The Manchester Evening News revealed that Neville has linked up … Read More

Why high school P.E. was the worst

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Whether you loved them or loathed them, there was no escaping school P.E. lessons. Here Charlie relives some some of her worst memories… Thankfully I escaped the joys of freezing school exercise long ago, starting sixth form with a gym membership I barely used and never looking back. My little … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: Reestablishing Social Leagues

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Ciaran Lennon is running for Activities Officer, here are his view on reestablishing social leagues for sports. Sport at the University of Leeds is an important way for students to stay active and healthy in collaboration with their academic studies. Coming from a sports background, I can personally attest to … Read More

Riding the waves of change: Adidas is leading the way towards a sustainable future.

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(Photo from : i1.wp.com) Can Green Business provide a profitable future for big name brands? Adidas certainly seems to think so, and is pioneering a new wave of responsibly produced trainers using recycled plastic sourced from ocean waste. Growing public concern for the environment, combined with the renewed importance of … Read More

Community sports fight housing development plans in LS6

2 years ago / 668 comments

The future purpose of a site in LS6 is in dispute, with LS6 Community Sports – which sees a desperate need for a sports field – fighting against plans for housing developments. On the website of LS6 Community Sports, they suggest that “Leeds City Council Plans department gave permission for … Read More