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The Night Manager: Not your average hotelier

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Don’t be put off by the slightly tame title – The Night Manager is anything but. The six-part ‘cloak-and-dagger’ drama boasts a high profile cast and features stunning locations, as we follow Tom Hiddleston’s eponymous night manager/soldier-turned- spy Jonathan Pine as he leaves a trail of destruction after uncovering an … Read More

TV | The Honourable Woman – Nothing is what it seems in this exceptional spy thriller

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A tight close-up of a blade and the swish of metal on metal, but the camera pans out to show it’s only a wire bread basket and tongs. A waiter neatly lines the basket with a napkin and fills it with bread, laughing and joking with other staff in the … Read More

Art/Film | Kiss Kiss Kill Kill – the spy canon beyond Bond

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Image: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Archive The mention of spy films alone is enough to make people instantly think of James Bond. Beyond the suited and booted gadget-wielding Bond, though, lies a canon of European spy cinema that’s largely unknown. Blenheim Walk Gallery at the Leeds College Art currently plays … Read More

Photography | All About Bond: Photographs by Terry O'Neill

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Since the launch of Dr No in 1962, Terry O’Neill has been the agent of choice for documenting the most famous spy of all time and a cult phenomenon all over the world – James Bond. In All About Bond, O’Neill’s exceptional photography, some of which has never been seen … Read More

Secret snapper banned from campus

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16.11.12 A man has been banned from campus after being caught covertly filming a female student in the Leeds University Union (LUU) building. At midday on Tuesday, the man was seen secretly filming the girl in Essentials. Realising his actions had been noticed, the man then left the building. After … Read More