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Gryph Picks: Music’s Ultimate Covers

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We’ve all been there, engrossed in that inescapable YouTube cycle of BBC Live Lounge and Triple J Like A Version exclusive covers. You might start off with your favourite bands, but you soon get sucked into watching any that spark your interest, usually discovering some new musicians as you go. … Read More


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From start to finish, MASSEDUCTION is an aural treat. It’s one of those rare albums that comes along once every couple of years that makes you stop dead in your tracks, hanging on every note. It’s a reminder that pop music can be intelligent, witty and fucking funny if we … Read More

The Guitar: This is a man’s world

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Imagine Ed Sheeran on stage, guitar and loop-pedal in toe, looking pretty sweaty-headed during a performance of ‘Sing’. Now, imagine Joan Jett on stage, hooking the audience into synchronised head-banging before the first play of ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’s’ recognised riff. Spot the difference? Ignoring the obvious aesthetic dissimilarities … Read More

Music | Album Review – St. Vincent

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St. Vincent St. Vincent 5/5 St. Vincent doesn’t take selfies. It’s hardly believable, one might think, while gazing at her latest self-titled album’s cover and locking eyes with Annie Clarke sitting on a throne, looking like she’s about to invade another planet. “It makes me feel empty inside to take … Read More