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Social Media Activism: Doing Virtually Any Good?

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Last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Association, ‘#blacklivesmatter’ for solidarity with those suffering in America, and ‘No Make-Up Selfies’ for Cancer Research UK. These are all examples of social media trending phenomenon which we have all either heard of or taken part in, aiming to rally for the greater … Read More

Students sleep rough for charity

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Students may spare a few quid for charity every so often, but campaigners have taken their action to a new level by sleeping rough outside the Union. Around twenty students braved the cold on Thursday night as part of an annual sleep-out event to raise awareness of homelessness. The night … Read More

LUU based charitable societies to hold anual ‘sleepout’

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On the 19th of March, Student Action for Refugees (STAR), Homed, and LUU Amnesty International, will hold their annual ‘Sleepout’ outside the Union building. Volunteers will sleep outside the Union building overnight, with a range of other societies providing entertainment and support including musical performances, film screenings, and talks. The … Read More

News | Spending one night homeless

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Sleeping rough is tough for anyone, but students hit the pavement outside the Union this week to raise awareness of homelessness. The sleepout saw students experiencing how tough it is to live on the streets, sleeping rough in cardboard boxes, and other makeshift shelters. The event brought a number of … Read More

Features | Students show support for struggling refugees

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The UK government, this year, refused to raise asylum support rates, meaning they have not been changed since 2011 and leaving many refugees unable to provide for themselves and their families. To tackle this, University of Leeds students have joined together in order to offer support to local refugees, providing … Read More

Students to sleep outside for STAR

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Students are spending a night sleeping outside the Union to raise awareness of homeless asylum seekers. The sponsored ‘sleep out’, organised by Amnesty International and Student Action for Refugees (STAR) are raising money for Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS). The Sleep Out will take place on Monday … Read More

One Community: life as a refugee in Leeds

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There are around 15.2 million refugees around the world and an estimated 195, 000 in the UK. Alarmingly, 80 per cent of refugees are hosted by developing countries. In the UK, an adult refugee receives just £36.62 a week. An unemployed UK citizen of the same age would receive £67.70 … Read More