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App-only Start-up Banks – A Threat To Traditional Banking?

8 months ago / 0 comments

Now that nearly everything can be done via an app on our phones, such as seeing a GP or getting a flight boarding pass, it’s not surprising that banking has also followed suit, with many app-only banks appearing in recent years as an alternative to traditional banking, such as Monzo … Read More

The modern day hotel

2 years ago / 0 comments

(Photo from : dwglogo.com) On the start-up scene, Airbnb is mentioned in the same breath as Uber. The start-ups which have revolutionized an industry and are on their way to be the next Google or Apple. With a current valuation of $30 Billion (based on the last round of valuation in … Read More

Interesting start ups

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(Photo from : Forbes.com) In the UK, nearly 600,000 business were opened, amounting to roughly one every minute. To keep track of all of them is impossible, and even to pick out the best ones is more difficult. Over 90% will die. The ones that do remain are the ones … Read More