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Review: The Dragon Prince

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From the animators of the incredible series Avatar: the Legend of Aang and the second series about the Legend of Korra, The Dragon Prince had a lot to live up to – and it didn’t disappoint. The fantasy world in which the story is set is a fantastic reality full of … Read More

Senga Nengudi Exhibition: The Henry Moore Institute

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It was the utmost pleasure to be invited to the opening exhibition of Senga Nengudi, one of the world’s leading avant-garde artists last week at the Leeds Henry Moore Institute. Open until February 2019, it’s an exhibition that showcases some of the vital aspects of Nengudi’s life through the years. … Read More

Fresher’s Week Special: Leeds University’s Hidden Gallery Treasures

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In time for Fresher’s Week, Arts editor Stephanie Bennett explores the University’s own art attractions that are right here on campus. Leeds is abundant with activities related to arts and culture, but there are two galleries within the Parkinson building that are free to enter and have amazing materials within … Read More

The cheek of it all: the problems with Rubens’ nudes

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Peter Paul Rubens, a Flemish classical artist from 1577 to 1640, is a renowned painter who is known worldwide for entrancing admirers with his nude portraits. His Baroque paintings, filled with flowers, women and cherubs, are considered to be the height of classical aestheticism; but even this couldn’t pass Mark … Read More

Suspenseful, eerie and disturbing: Calibre review

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Calibre, a recently-released Netflix thriller, was exactly what it was advertised to be. It was suspenseful, eerie and the undercurrent of tension built to a disturbing crescendo at the right moments. What begins as an unfortunate accident during a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands swiftly deteriorates into something much … Read More

A Novel Notion: E.L. James v Margaret Atwood

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The American Broadcast show PBS has decided to launch a summer reading challenge for its nation where it pits favourite books against each other to decide the very best. A novel notion, best-sellers and those deemed classics have been in the battle: Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, authors like Joseph … Read More

Review: The Alienist

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The Alienist is a recently-aired TV series on Netflix, and a superb one at that. Set during the nineteenth century, the story revolves around John Moore, a newspaper illustrator, and his friend Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist, or ‘alienist’, as they investigate a string of horrific child murders. Be aware … Read More

Is Britain Talentless?

9 months ago / 0 comments

Arts Editor, Steph Bennett, fails to see the worth in the nation’s favourite talent show.  Last Saturday marked the return of Britain’s Got Talent, the talent programme that has become so revered that it not only draws applicants from the world over, but has prompted other countries to develop their … Read More

A Queen’s Ransom: gender-pay gap scandal in The Crown

10 months ago / 0 comments

It has been revealed that the star of the Netflix tv series The Crown, Claire Foy, has been paid less than co-star Matt Smith. Amidst all the rising commentary around the gender wage gap, it was particularly interesting, and somewhat disheartening, to note that this is unlikely to change anything. … Read More

Fact, Fantasy, Fallacy?

11 months ago / 0 comments

Stephanie Bennett dissects the cultural phenomenon of historical dramatisations. With the recent popular televisation of Netflix’s The Crown and ITV’s Victoria, certain pertinent questions spring to mind stemming from such adaptations of history. Historical dramas, despite their misleading names, tend to rewrite and sensationalise aspects to such an extent that … Read More