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“A sea of beaming smiles and twinkling eyes”: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 at Belgrave Music Hall

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Having been at Belgrave the evening before for Live at Leeds, the upper room took on a totally different feel on a balmy bank holiday Sunday; the entrance to the music hall, adorned with candles in glasses along the floor, let you know thatyou were in for something special with … Read More

Leeds Launch BME Conference

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Following the BME Leadership Conference last Wednesday, The Gryphon Features explores the lack of Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in leadership and academia roles at the University of Leeds, the Union and further afield. According to LUU, only sixteen percent of home and EU students at Leeds are of … Read More

Volunteering Abroad: Do You Only Get What You Give?

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This summer, I undertook a volunteering placement in Senegal, West Africa, doing a care placement to help street children, called ‘Talibés’, in a volunteer centre. Talibés are young boys aged from as young as three to twenty-one years old, who have been sent into urban areas to go to school … Read More

Is Teetotal the Future for Nights out?

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The Gryphon explores the growing trend of teetotalism amongst today’s students. When you think of Freshers Week, it’s impossible to avoid images of Jagerbombs, vomit, and the sticky VK stained steps of Fruity. But this might not always be the case.  The Office for National Statistics found that 16-24 year … Read More

Group Chats on Social Media: Friend or Foe?

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The Gryphon explores the pros and cons of group chats on social media forums, their effects upon friendships, mental health, and our collective social interaction. Group chats with people you know well are wholly unlike the chats you have for, say, the group presentation for that module you don’t care too … Read More

"My initial idea was to empower women."

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According to ‘Prowess’, a UK organisation supporting women in business, women make up around 17% of business owners in the UK with numbers increasing in recent years. A survey from Prowess also found women are more likely than men to think about the social, ethical, and environmental considerations in business … Read More

What does ‘Love’ mean to Leeds?

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The Gryphon focuses on the notion of love and speaks to students from varying sexual orientations on campus in the week running up to Valentine’s Day to find out their perspectives on love. As we near Valentine’s Day, instead of focusing on the chocolates, cards, and flowers, we might benefit … Read More

What Does it Mean to be ‘Green’?

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Following the Climate Change march this weekend in Leeds town centre and this week’s COP21 talks in Paris of leaders from around the world about global warming, The Gryphon explores the issue of climate change, what it means to be ‘green’, and the action that needs to be taken to … Read More

The BlackPoppyRose: Lest we forget…

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As Remembrance Day approaches, we are called to remember those who fought, and are still fighting, in British wars and zones of conflict. The Gryphon focuses on the ‘BlackPoppyRose’ project, launched to remember the often unheralded contributions of Black and African soldiers within global conflicts. The recognisable red poppy was established … Read More

Big Hair, Don’t Care

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As Black History Month comes to a close, The Gryphon discusses hair within the history of the Black community and speaks to community project, Crown Me Natural UK, about their work. If you picture the most wonderful hair you can think of, do you think of something similar to your … Read More