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Pressures of the Industry: Celebrities and the Relationship Between Fame and Mental Illness

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*TW: This article contains discussion of mental illness and suicide* The arts world has a large problem with mental illness; from superheroes to Disney princesses, singers and authors, many celebrities struggle with the trappings of fame. Trying to remain a good role model while pleasing masses and tending to your … Read More

Fry’s Crusade for Free Speech Falls Flat Over Sexual Abuse Comments

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Stephen Fry, sometimes referred to as one of the UK’s ‘national treasures’, has always been one for speaking his mind, even if this entails offending people. As a champion of free speech, it is at the very least admirable that he is a man who puts this principle into practice. … Read More

“Freedom of speech is not a right, but a privilege”

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A joke was recently made by Stephen Fry, in his capacity as host of the BAFTA awards. The response on social media illustrates how people, millennials in particular, are increasingly seeing free speech as a privilege. It made fun at the expense of an award winning woman’s appearance. Later he … Read More

K[ale]-holing: the Cool debate

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‘I read in Vogue,’ said my housemate ‘that it’s all different for us. Our parents’ generation took loads of drugs, so it’s just not cool anymore. We’ve replaced drugs with vegetables.’ Well this was fantastic news for me. I was still very much under the impression that drugs were cool, … Read More

TV | 24 – Live Another Day – Absurd but adored

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It’s absurd, but we adore it. 24 was always ridiculous. In the space of 24 hours, none of the main characters went to the toilet, ate or drank. The show is action thriller interspersed (undeliberately) with science-fiction. There are major plots with sub-plots and sub-plots within the sub-plots that will … Read More

BAFTA Roundup | 12 Years A Slave wins Best Picture

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Last Sunday was time again to celebrate not only the past year in film, but also the people who made it happen and those among them we lost this year. The BAFTAs 2014 saw Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle emerge as the big winners of the night. … Read More

TV | Hidden Kingdoms

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BBC’s latest instalment of a new nature series was highly anticipated; if only because Stephen Fry was narrating. Having not expected anything too different from the Attenborough style nature programmes we’ve come to love; one is initially taken back by its liveliness, and with the Harry Potter reminiscent music you … Read More

Illustration | Dyna Moe – The Mad Men illustrator parodies the show's iconic style

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image: Dyna Moe Dyna Moe has become renowned for being the official illustrator for TV show Mad Men. Her style of work is bold and colourful but simple. Memorable scenes from the show are replicated in a cartoon-like style that focuses on one particular colour. The iconic outfits of the … Read More

Science | Why language needs a twerk

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Perhaps some of you have missed the recent media storm around American pop sensation Miley Cyrus. To enlighten you, the recent VMA awards provided this young starlet with an opportunity to showcase the world’s latest dance craze… twerking. A combination of the words ‘twist’ and ‘jerk’, this portmanteau demonstrates the … Read More